Thursday, August 4, 2011


I was just waking up one morning recently when I heard a distinct "ratta-tat" on the front of the house. No, it wasn't an early caller -- at least, not a human one. It was the return of Mrs. Flicker and did she get a surprise! Once she enjoyed drilling for "grubs" in our rotting wood trim and she (and perhaps others of her ilk) caused a lot of damage. We have now covered most of that wood with metal siding material which is "flicker unfriendly."

What a treat it was to hear her try to drill. Ah! Sweet success! (I hope.)

I expect my new laptop today. I hope it comes because if it doesn't I won't be able to play with it until next week.

[The photo, posted previously, shows flicker-inflicted damage to the window facings.]


Hallie said...

I also hope your laptop comes/came. I'm missing the long blogs. Do you think the flickers will do any damage to the metal? Will it scratch or dent it?

Leah said...

Maybe the scratches & dents will be on Mrs. Flicker's beak. Ouch!

Kathy said...

I don't think the flicker will scratch or dent the metal. The worst of it was that she left her calling card of the roof, which was another unsightly problem. I was surprised how few pictures I have taken of the house per se, mainly because of the dirty roof. I hope that's mostly over now. As Leah points out, the drilling will hurt the bird more than the metal. She didn't stay long and will doubtless let her extended family know of this new development.

Yes, the laptop is here and I'm actually using it to write this message. I'm gratified to know you like the longer blogs.

Chris said...

"others of her ilk" Oh, I love it!! :-) May you enjoy sweet success!