Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Daily over the last month a hot air balloon has risen over the valley by 7:00 a.m. There's something about the sight of a balloon rising that catches the imagination, even though in reality I know I wouldn't enjoy the ride. Still, I think of Around the World in Eighty Days and imagine myself in that basket.

Sunday, while the camera was with Mike on his geo-adventure to the Seven Devils (see post below), I looked up from my reading to see the balloon floating right over the town house -- and fairly close. I lamented the lost photo op, but today it returned.

Mike and I had commented that the balloon was air-borne again this morning and then went about our business. Suddenly I heard  that distinct sound -- "Pfooooopth" -- and knew the balloon was very close. It was right out our house, very low, and framed in our front windows. I ran to the front door, grabbing the camera on my way. The photos here were taken from the front stoop as the balloon floated over our roof.

We could hear them talking in the basket: "Take it easy. Take it easy." "Pfooooopth!" "Take it easy!"  There were probably half a dozen people in the basket and it seemed like a training session.

We noted they didn't seem to be getting much lift, but the balloon floated on by and I lost interest. I wasn't going to chase them.

Note in the pictures a second balloon in the distance. KW


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm I love balloons! Have been up just once, but would love to go again. I've a private pilot's license, haven't flown in years due to the "brain bonk", but always wanted to do ballooning or fly a hang glider. Now, it looks like I'll just have to try ballooning. :~)

Chris said...

Yowza! That basket looks awfully full to me!!! We have friends who have one, and I'm glad they've never asked us to go for a ride. I'd have to say, "NO!!" Oh, I guess I could be more polite and say, "No thank you."

I do love seeing them in the air, though!

Kathy said...

Dr. M., you come up with the most amazing info about yourself! I expect one of these days you'll tell us you're actually Miss Marple, or something -- knitting, spinning, and gardening while solving mysteries. You're great!

And Chris, I'll just stay down here with you and you can show me how to center designs on fabric or something.

Leah said...

Your camera leads an exciting life (as do you two). Hot Air Balloons, goat skulls, Mount Ranier, ugly cars, car shows, vintage "stuff", rattlesnakes, spectacular Idaho vistas, pilching cherries, back country hikes and a wonderful dog named Nellie.

That must be one happy camera.

Hallie said...

Also impressed by Dr.M's skills!

I want to go up in a balloon. I have a mild fear of heights that's battled by a healthy sense of adventure. In my brain I'm not afraid, but my knees get a little jello-y on me. I don't think I care to sky dive, though.