Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today was the first practice for Emmy's soccer team. Yes, all the players -- five of them -- are three-years-old. Here Emerson poses in her new soccer duds, complete with shoes and shin guards. She'll still wear this uniform when she's five.
 Big sister Annie was a helper on the soccer field.
Emerson is a right-footed kicker.
Here's a picture of the team and coaching staff. And practice with these young 'uns was just as interesting as you might think. "Like herding cats" was the observation of the coach. One little guy left off dribbling his ball and cried. He was quickly consoled by his parents and re-joined the play. When it came time to play "shark," they just couldn't find a "shark" mean enough to steal the ball. KW


Chris said...

These pictures are just too cute!! I can't imagine trying to work with five three-year-olds!! And I think you're correct--she will be wearing that uniform when she's five. Think of the savings! :-)

Hallie said...

That's a pretty awesome soccer outfit. I especially love her cleats!

Leah said...

I guess if kids can go to school at age 3, they can play soccer at 3. This takes early education to a new level. Emmy's uniform pics are too cute!