Thursday, September 1, 2011


Last weekend temperatures sat at nearly 100 degrees, even here at Gilbert. Today I’m wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and brewed myself a cup of cinnamon stick tea. A few days ago sleeping under a sheet seemed barely tolerable. Now we pull up the electric blanket and turned it on. I have traded a nightgown for pajamas. Temp Wednesday afternoon – 74. These cooler temps came with a storm system that moved through Sunday night. It didn’t bring much rain but we had a lightning show and wind.

Now thoughts turn to harvest bounty – apples, pears, elderberries. Here’s a picture of the awesome apple tree. I wonder when I should pick the apples. According to an online comment, it’s when your dog is eating the apples that have fallen. I notice Nellie checking under the trees but I haven’t seen her eating them yet.

Tuesday (Aug. 30), I rode my bike up Plank’s Pitch without getting off to push. I wowed Mike with that astounding information. “Why are you so surprised?” I asked. “Because it’s tough!” he answered. Usually once I do it, I can do it again, but every year I have to work up to it.

Once I was up and out of the bowl, however, my desire to explore got the better of my intent to ride. For years I have wanted to see the other side of the field on the flat, and the best time to explore is right after harvest – before hunting season opens, before it rains, before they plant the field again.  So I parked my bike and Nellie and I walked over to the Clearwater side of the field to see what we could see. 

Naturally it was another beautiful vista that included Dworshak Dam. However, several of the pictures weren’t as good as I expected because the considerable vegetation got in the way. Well, it’s not the dam that’s beautiful. It’s the water and the mountain setting that I find breathtaking.
[I think the text explains the photos fairly well, except for the last one. Below the trees in front of the camera is the main Clearwater River. The bridge crosses the North Fork where it enters the Clearwater. The settlement is Ahsahka, and you can make out the fish hatcheries on the point.] KW


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

I really love your photos Kathy - good job on the bike ride.

Chris said...

I agree with Dr. Molly on both points. :-)

Yes, the weather has changed and I'm so loving it!! Fall is my favorite time of year--so beautiful, cool, and leading to the holidays. Perfect for collecting the harvest, thinking of cozy days, and cozy times.

Are you going to make applesauce? I haven't done that in years.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the compliments but I really can't take credit for any photography skill. I have a decent "point and shoot" camera and great subjects. If it weren't for the blog, I probably wouldn't take pictures at all, but I think the whole process serves to make me appreciate more the vistas before me.

I reckon it will be about two weeks before I can deal with any fruit processing, and who know what will happen in the interim. So, yes, I would make applesauce and pies.

Leah said...

Super Kathy. Good bike work! Beautiful photo with the river winding back & forth in the distance. Remember that camera work involves holding the camera steady, so you can take some credit.

So funny about dogs and apples. I'll bet there are a gazillion tips about harvesting fruit or vegetables that have colorful comments like the apples.