Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Monday night, as Mike watched football and I crocheted on a doll hat, we were startled by a sudden flash of white light at the south window. Our immediate impression was that of a camera flash. Seconds later we heard thunder roll – not really close but not far away either.

I was relieved to know that first flash was lightning and said as much. “I was relieved, too,” said Mike, “especially when I discovered you weren’t taking pictures.” There’s nothing electric on that side of the house – not for miles and miles – and the thought that some intruder could be taking pictures of us through the window was momentarily frightening.  More sudden white flashes to the south occurred for the next ten minutes with thunder growing closer.
Deer hunting season opened Monday, and Mike and Clint were out early. They didn’t see deer – or anything else. With the cooler weather – 47 to 55 yesterday – the deer move to warmth and shelter -- maybe in the canyon or maybe just out of sight in a protected area..

Neighbors came in mid-morning to compare hunting notes. Their hunting style is different from Mike’s, who pretty much stays in one place and waits. These guys wait but also move around. Three guys were riding a 4-wheeler while one followed on a small “dual sport” dirt bike.

Conversation eventually turned to elk. “Oh, I’ll get one for sure,” said Neighbor I. “We see them all the time.”

“There’s a large herd in the canyon,” said Neighbor II. Perhaps a hundred head, he added. They’ve been run out of the North Fork (Clearwater) area, they surmised – by wolves. And by the way, did we know there are wolves here on the ridge? A pack of five.

We haven’t seen elk or wolves. But Tuesday morning, lying quietly in bed, we heard an elk bugle.

[Photo 1: Son Clint and Mike looking over their hunting site. Photo 2: The farmhouse from the old Plank place. Photo 3: Southward from the south field. The reason I took the picture was the snow on the mountains, which doesn't really show up.] KW


Chris said...

If I click on the snow picture, it's plain to see. Winter is coming!

If they want deer, they should go to Mom and Dad's house--they're plentiful in the yard there. Too bad they can't hunt in town...

Kathy said...

I'll bet your parents enjoy watching the deer. I wouldn't want to offend them, though I know they understand hunting.

Leah said...

Great photos. The one of the farmhouse is especially nice with the dry grass in the foreground (in focus) and the farmhouse on top of the hill.

Gee, wouldn't a 4-wheeler sort of announce to the deer that humans were near?

Wish it were cold here in Southern Calif. It was over 90 today and will be hot for a couple more days.