Thursday, November 17, 2011


“I was thinking I’d go to the farm today,” said Mike before he was out of bed. “I forgot about the mousetraps. We should check those.” I had a basket of things to return to the farmhouse and a list of things to get, so I was happy enough to go. We were there by 10:30.

The weatherman keeps saying a cold front will move through the area leaving us with snow at least at the higher altitudes. Every day the forecast seems to postpone the anticipated precipitation and cooler temps. But as you can see from the photos taken today at the farm, Ina’s words apply: “a dull day.”
We found only one trapped mouse though the area of Nellie’s dish was a veritable maze of traps, and it was clear that some mouse had had a heyday cavorting among them – perhaps the one that finally got trapped. However, I’m skeptical that there was just one. The trap in the oven had been sprung, so someone escaped with his life. And the sofa appeared clean and undisturbed.

Mike re-set the mousetraps, checked the pond, and started the dirt bike while I paid visits to the vintage sewing room and the attic. I gathered miniatures, vintage holiday magazines, storage bins with projects. Mike uncomplainingly loaded much more than he had carried in. I even grabbed a couple of things from the fridge.

We were at the farm barely an hour and returned to the town house for lunch.

Poor Nellie injured her leg while hunting with Mike and Ken on Tuesday. Unfortunately she is also under the weather otherwise (worms). She’s been feeling sorry for herself but we got her out for a good walk this afternoon and she helped in the kitchen while I fixed supper.KW


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Ah! and now we have that snow!

Leah said...

Oh poor Nellie. How is the cut going to heal?

Mike said...

This is the third similar barb wire cut for Nellie, Leah. Our vet in Orofino recommends trimming the skin from around the wound and leaving it open so long as she can lick it. He said stitching it up risks infection, leaves a scar and is more expensive. We'll post a picture after it heals. I think you'll be surprised.

Leah said...

Oh gee, Nellie, that has got to hurt. I understand how animals will lick a wound to help it heal. Hope she doesn't have to go to "work" anytime soon.

Kathy said...

Work? You mean hunting? Nellie is ready to go! She's feeling much better and is in good spirits. And I don't think the wound is bothering her. Mike is thinking of taking her out on Monday.