Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've known for a long time that Nellie would appreciate a big fluffy pillow. Given the chance, she'll curl up on a satiny coverlet or bed pillows with satin shams. Or she'll toss and rake her pillow for awhile before she lies down, trying to make it fluffier. But we have struggled to find just the right pillow at the right price. To be honest, I don't think Mike and I have been on the same page regarding this issue. Finally the opportunity to try one of those big fluffy dog pillows presented itself and the price was really right -- a gift.

When we visited the Mile High Warnocks in September, generous Kelly offered one of the big dog pillows they had had for their boxers. When the boxers left, they replaced with the much smaller Blanche, a Boston terrier, and they no longer needed the big pillows. "Take one -- take them all," offered Kelly, and I was delighted just for the chance to see if Nellie would like it. The downside was getting home with it because it's really big. We made room for it in the car by putting it under Nellie's travel pillow. And yes, I thought she liked traveling in such luxurious comfort. Not only was her place well-padded but she could see out the windows. (We're into enriching the dog, you know.)

It was still warm, even hot, in September, so we stored the big fluffy pillow in the shed, but now temps have dipped to lows below freezing, So yesterday, as we were washing her pillow covers, Mike decided to try the big pillow for her. Just look at these pictures of Nellie in solid comfort. Clearly, she's very happy with her new pillow. Thanks, Mile Highs! KW


Chris said...

Nellie is in doggy heaven!! (And who wouldn't be?)

Hallie said...

This makes me happy!

Leah said...

Ooooh Nellie is so lucky. What wonderful photos. Surely you won't take her plush bed away when the weather gets hot. Soft is soft, even in the summer.

Kathy said...

Yes, sometimes I feel like I could just curl up beside her. She wouldn't mind.

She does wear a fur coat, you know, and she doesn't tolerate heat well. We have months to go before it's hot again, and she'll let us know if she doesn't want to lie on such a warm pillow. She'll just lie on the floor -- and maybe sigh heavily.