Friday, December 30, 2011


I have just finished consolidating food stuff from the farmhouse with food here in town. Our pantry, refrigerator and chest freezer are bursting at the seams. I also have a box of condiments in the garage where it should be cool enough to store them until spring. Needless to say, with the exception of dairy and produce, we aren’t going to need to buy a lot of food for a few weeks (if not months). 

But I just have to get out of the house and into town at least once a week because of “cabin fever,” so I headed into Clarkston yesterday to see if I could find post-Christmas bargains. I wasn’t disappointed: an ornament storage box here, a pair of pajamas on clearance there, a bag of chocolates here, next year’s Christmas cards there, some fresh bananas and milk – and holiday teas.

I had seen the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas at Albertsons last week as part of a special display of holiday items. Well, you know how it is – holiday teas appear only during the holiday season, and I like drinking them from the first of October through St. Patrick’s Day. So, when I see them, I buy a few boxes. I have managed to create quite a stockpile because I’m afraid I won’t find them when I want them.

Now, I need more of these teas like I need a hole in the head, but finding myself at Albertsons and thinking the tea probably hadn’t sold out, I asked myself where store management could possibly have stashed it. “At the front of the store,” I thought to myself, and sure enough, there was a cartload of it on sale for a dollar a box. I simply couldn’t resist – and five boxes went into my cart.

The picture above is my “working stash” of tea. The picture to the right is overflow. I’m running out of places to hoard – er, store -- my stash of tea, but I found a little space on the top shelf of the pantry. Tough as it is, I’m afraid to say what might happen if I see the holiday teas at $.50 a box! But if the store has to sell it at a loss, will the product return next year? Scary thought! KW


Hallie said...

I hope to head out for some bargain shopping this weekend. On my list: a wrapping paper bin and clothes for the new job. If you are short on tea, you could open the boxes and put them in zip lock bags--I think there is a lot of wasted space in the box.

Kathy said...

You mean if I'm short of storage space, right? -- Because clearly I am not short on tea. I did consolidate two open boxes of Gingerbread tea, but you're right that there's a lot of waste space in the boxes. It's okay for now unless I add more tea to the storehouse.

Hallie said...

Ha! Yes, short on space. :)

Chris said...

If there's ever a world tea shortage, I can help! My cupboards are stocked with seasonal, hard-to-find teas, too. Like you, I tell myself, what if I want a cup of gingerbread tea in July?? :-)

Kathy said...

And we just might want a little taste of autumn or Christmas in July. We have to be prepared.

Hallie told me last week that as they put their condo kitchen back together, Nick had made a comment about her stash of tea, the gist being that it was out of proportion to their small space.

Oh! I just have to put the teakettle on. XO