Friday, January 13, 2012


Mike and Ken had planned to hunt on Thursday (Jan. 12), but Ken decided he didn’t have time to go. His tv set, purchased in 1989, finally died, so he had to take care of the business of getting a new one – and stepping up to the whole HD/digital thing.

Anyway, I knew that Mike had arranged to be out of the office during the afternoon and that he would feel "all dressed up with no place to go." Figuring he would want to substitute another outing, I suggested we make that quick trip to the farm we’d been discussing. That would get a large basket of clean laundry and several boxes out of this small house and back where they belonged, plus we could add the table scraps to the composter and pick up one or two needed items.

We arrived at the farm about 2:00. The traps were free of mice. Mike practiced with his new pistol while I put the clothes away. I picked up a few vintage magazines for inspiration and checked the pantry for food items I could use up during these winter months. I threw cereal, cake mixes, and marshmallows into the basket. And I found a bag of chips I would have overlooked again had I not crouched down to check the lower shelves. We also brought back a second “wind trainer” for my use. (More on that later.)

We were on the road again by 3:00. It was cold in the farmhouse, but I wore my new microfiber long johns (wonderful!) and I was fine as long as I didn’t take my gloves off. 

Another day gone without much progress made on my “to do” list, but taking care of these needful things was an accomplishment. In the evening I finished crocheting the granny squares for the little doll afghan. KW


Joanne said...

It is so beautiful up at the farm no matter what the season. I always enjoy your pictures.

Chris said...

Wow!! You are done crocheting the squares?? You have been busy. Can't wait to see it.

I've been busy, but I don't know what I've done...

Kathy said...

Thank you, Joanne.

And Chris -- for the most part I, too, feel that I've been busy but don't know what I've done. It just seems that by the time I take care of the daily routine, there's no accomplishment. I think a part of it is the short days.

Leah said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures. I "enjoy" winter weather vicariously through your snow photos. Not much winter in my town. We had a surprise hail storm here Dec. 15, though. I grabbed my camera to capture this unique event. I've lived in So. Calif. 30 years, always near the coast, and never been near hail. Pea size (frozen peas) and no damage.

Hallie said...

I guess the rose bush does look a little sad right now....I have faith.

I was at the fabric store yesterday and saw that they have classes for making clothes for 18" dolls. Is that the size of the American Girl doll?

Kathy said...

We awoke to wet, sloppy, snow this morning -- probably about an inch. Mike cancelled plans to hunt. I predict the snow won't last long or amount to much.

The bramble bush is okay. In fact, I think you could have taken it right down to just above the ground. From what I've read, they are extremely hardy to the point of being invasive. Due to the "stickery" nature of the canes, we are lucky that you accomplished what you did.

Yes, the American Girl dolls are 18 inches, but there are many others, so they are often referred to as 18-inch dolls. They are not all created equal either, so the sewist needs to be aware. I wonder if it was a beginner class. Doll clothes can be very simple, quite elaborate, or even heirloom quality.

Our local Jo-Ann Fabrics does not offer classes.