Thursday, January 2, 2014


The trees are beautiful with snow and we have magnificent effects at sunrise and set. 
Ina Dobson, January 1935

It was December 26 at Gilbert -- the day after Christmas. As evening approached -- and that was about 4:00 -- we humans headed out with the dogs to take in some of those magnificent effects that Ina mentions. Appreciating those effects is something we have in common with her these 80 years later. The effects haven't changed much, I believe, even though we have less snow and fewer trees. The basic lay of the land is the same.

As the sunset began to glow in earnest, we headed westward -- behind the house and toward the canyon.

Here you see Teakean Butte in the distance. 

 This is a reflection of the setting sun.

The photo left shows the back side of the grove behind the house.

And the photo right is one last look behind me as I reluctantly followed Mike and Hallie to the house. KW

[PS: Posting these pictures has been a battle of wills between Blogger and me. Forgive me for giving up on the formatting. Just enjoy the pictures.]



Richard V. Shields III said...

It was worth the posting battle. Pics are seriously gorgeous! And seriously cold...

Hallie said...

Very pretty!

Chris said...

I agree! They are all gorgeous!

Chuck said...

I'm glad you had a white Christmas. It must have been a joy to have Christmas together. I would like to hear about your Christmas happenings.