Friday, February 7, 2014


It’s been cold – a low of 7 above yesterday morning (Feb. 6) with recent highs in the low 20s. We got up to a few inches of snow today, though it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. The sun felt warm shining through the back door even though the high was just 25.

Because of the cold temps, Mike let the dogs stay in both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Nellie slept on one of the dog pillows while Bess was confined to her crate.

The dogs – Nellie especially – really like routine. Our custom is to put them in the kennel at night and let them out first thing in the morning. Then they come into the house and – well, the day goes on from there.

So, Nellie’s snout was “out of joint” when she was required to sleep in the house. The first night we could hear her beating her pillow every so often – and it sounded as though she were frustrated.

Last night, Mike decided that he would let the dogs decide where they would sleep – in the house or in the kennel. As soon as he opened the door, Nellie marched straight to the kennel and into a house. Bess followed and took the other house. They had no intention of spending another night in the hot old house.
Valentines’ Day is coming – soon -- and I was late with the shirts for Emmy and her doll. I finished them this morning and got them off in today’s mail. The matching designs are from “Girls ‘n Dolls Accents” produced by Amazing Designs. I purchased Emmy’s shirt but made the doll’s. KW


Hallie said...

It's probably like when you sleep in a hotel and you just don't get the same kind of rest.

Cute shirts!

DrJulieAnn said...

You had highs in the 20s? (This is me looking pathetically jealous because the HIGH today was 7ºF).

Chris said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Love those shirts! Too much fun. :-)

Meanwhile, high of about 16 and four inches of the white stuff. Beautiful day here, too! So gorgeous and bright--much better than the dark and dreary days of a week or so ago.

Kathy said...

Interesting, isn't it, that weather issues are relative? Here in our valley, we experience a rather moderate winter. However, just a few miles away -- but at higher altitude, it's a whole different world. Still, we are not having the snow and cold that has hit the Mid-West.