Monday, February 24, 2014


Work continues at Hallie and Nick's vintage Tudor in Seattle.


The kitchen cabinet doors were beautifully primed.

And on Sunday, they decided to explore layers of kitchen flooring.

'70’s vinyl – Who could miss it?


And under the '70s vinyl, '30’s linoleum.

Have you ever removed -- or tried to remove -- linoleum?

I remember linoleum on the kitchen floor -- both at our family home in Orofino and on the farm. At the farm, the linoleum wasn't glued down, and when it was time to replace it, my dad simply removed the old piece and laid down a new one. Today we see that as less than ideal, but it worked in that place. 

Actually, when we remodeled the farmhouse, I would love to have had linoleum on the kitchen floor. It's available but expensive and we didn't go that route. KW

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Chris said...

They are making progress!! What a lot of work, but I just know that house is going to be so adorable when they're done! Love the blog updates.