Sunday, March 9, 2014

GOING . . . GOING . . .

Here's a picture of our neighborhood taken recently from Mary Jane's backyard. As you can see, she has a fantastic view of the hills. She says when she moved here 20+ years ago,  there were very few houses. Our house is the yellow one to the left of center. And you can see that when I took the picture, the poplar tree by the driveway was still there.

 Mike planted that poplar when we moved here – ten years ago this coming fall – to provide instant shade. It did that – and then some. But other slow-growing trees have now grown to the point where they benefit us and this tree proved to be quite messy in the fall.

I was relieved when Ken said he would help Mike cut down the tree. If Ken doesn’t help, then I’m the assistant, and I’m not that good. Instead I baked cookies for the workers, a chore more suited to my talents. First step (above right) -- discussion ensues. 

Say, how do you work this thing anyway? (above left)
Now we're getting it. (right)

Hope we don't hit the neighbors house -- and we didn't. Well, we almost didn't. No harm done. Whew!

It wasn’t quite as warm as predicted – 59 instead of 64 – and fortunately they finished this project before it rained.

And now it's gone -- but not forgotten. There's still clean up to be done.

Other news: Our Gilbert neighbor called this afternoon to say that June's field sloughed into the lane and dammed it, which caused a wash-out. As we say here: It's always something. KW


Chris said...

Oh, I'm so glad Ken could help Mike and that you didn't have to! I get woozy even looking at Mike up there in the air! Sure is nice to be able to rent such helpful equipment, though. And now you have more firewood! :-)

Kathy said...

Yes, more firewood was definitely the plan, but someone told Mike today that poplar doesn't make good firewood. As Mike says, we'll burn it up anyway.