Monday, March 3, 2014


Nick and Hallie have been working hard to get their outdated Tudor in shape so that they can move in. I'm following their progress from a distance. Here's the update Hallie sent today:

"We spent two nights--Friday and Saturday. We didn't get the shower up until late last night, so we haven't used the shower yet. We had to take baths, which was kind of hard with the crummy little low-flow faucet that was on there. The new faucet is great!

"I was a little worried about ghosts and critters, but the house is VERY quiet. It is hard work and it's disappointing and frustrating that progress is so slow. We had a good time in the, 'Gee isn't it going to be great when we're done?' kind of way. It's meaningful to do this ourselves and to be proud of it, but we're both sore and tired.

"Nick has been working at the house in the day--he's there now sanding away (he sent a photo text of him covered in dust saying 'almost done with sanding...'). I go there every day after work and he goes home if he has homework, but quite often he stays and works with me until 9 or 9:30."

[There's something about a renovation project that sparks the imagination, even as we might give thanks that it's them and not us.] 


Hallie said...

Note to the readers: The clawfoot tub shower situation is a temporary arrangement until we get the upstairs bathroom remodel, which just can't happen soon enough!

Chris said...

Wish I could help! I don't know what I could do renovation-wise, but I could vacuum or wash windows! I'm also great at cheering! :-)

Kathy said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could just stop by and help for a while? We could look into every closet and cupboard, and we could decide just what we wanted to clean. When we got tired of doing one job, we could move to the next. And when we got tired of "helping," we could leave.

There's something to be said for cleaning an empty place. It's dealing with the clutter that gets to me.

Hallie said...

I don't mind scrubbing, but scrubbing someone else's icky mess is almost more than I can handle. The kitchen grossed me out in a big, big way. It feels so good to have the ick up and to be putting a beautiful, fresh, clean coat of paint on. I feel a little bit the same about the rest of the house. I won't be at ease until it has been cleaned AND has a fresh coat of paint.

Kathy said...

It's too bad you have "icky" mess, but just focus on the fact that you have a chance to renew this house. And even if it had been left clean, you would clean it again -- just to be sure, just to get the previous folks out, just to make the house your own.

debdog42 said...

You will never buy a fixer upper again! HAHA!!