Sunday, March 23, 2014


Work continues on Hallie and Nick's cute little Tudor cottage in Seattle.

Some of the work just had to be done -- a new sewer line and a new roof. You can see Nick beside the fence, watching the roofers.

But Hallie and Nick did most of the work themselves, and they worked and they cleaned and they worked some more. I think Hallie said she got the shop-vac off Craigslist practically new.

They made the bathroom workable.

Then, taking first things first, they tackled the kitchen. The picture on the right shows the old kitchen with old appliances before the work commenced. The refrigerator was hauled off -- ruined by spoiled food left two years ago, Hallie said. She refused to deal with that. And they gave away the old range.
In this picture, the kitchen walls are now yellow. Hallie says the yellowness makes her happy.

And to the right (I hope -- a pictorial post is not easy), we can see the new kitchen floor. I think Hallie said it's a "floating cork" floor, or something. And I believe they laid it themselves.
And here are the new appliances, delivered last Tuesday. Hallie reported that they chose stainless steel, which isn't traditional, but I say that even though the age and style of the house may dictate some of their decisions, they're still living in the modern world and should have what they want.
Here are before and afters on the kitchen faucet. Now there's a vintage look. And Hallie reports that the new faucet works! (Look at that soapdish.)

It's not been an easy project, but I think Nick and Hallie are pleased with results thus far. Worthwhile projects often aren't easy.

Well, I'm going to push publish and hope that the appropriate illustrations stay with the text. KW


Chris said...

They have been hard at work! She'll love her new appliances, and the new faucet is a cool one. Yellow is such a happy color. :-)

Mike said...

Wow, what a transformation! You're doing great work.

Hallie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! We're really happy with how it's coming along. We've put most things away, but still need to finish the cabinet doors and drawers. It feels WONDERFUL to be cooking healthy meals at home!

I went for my first run in the neighborhood yesterday. It was sunny and in the high 60s. There are so many interesting running route options! This was a good move. :)