Sunday, April 13, 2014


The plumber repaired the pipe on Wednesday (April 9), and the farmhouse was good to go. So, Mike and I headed there on Friday (April 11) with enough stuff to make ourselves comfortable overnight. That included t.v. but not internet. (Yes, I did have “connection withdrawal.”)

We worked hard those two days, and when I say “we,” it was mostly Mike. Mike’s work was well-defined, as usual. He turned on the water and made sure it was okay after the repair work. The water line to the refrigerator was leaking, so he identified the problem (a crack in the pump). We found the manual, located a phone number, and he ordered the new part with a phone call to “Greg.” He tried to repair a toilet, but that will also require a new part. He serviced and lubed the lawnmower. I helped him pick up limbs in the grove, and he hauled them to the burn pile. (Some limbs were large enough that he cut them up for the fireplace.)

My work pales by comparison. I unpacked what we brought, cleaned the kitchen sinks and counters, prepared our meals and ran the dishwasher to make sure it was all right. (If it isn’t okay, I prefer to know in the daytime rather than at night.) I washed the interior of the refrigerator, and that was probably my major overall accomplishment. My efforts to pick up the house and put things where they belong involved many trips up and down the stairs. I dusted the master bed and bath, made the bed, set the clocks, etc. As evening approached, I made a fruit cocktail cake for dessert. I had no nuts for the topping – at least, none that I found until the next day -- but I threw in a handful of dried cherries, and that was a nice addition. And – I must have my little diversions, so I found a crochet pattern and began a project. (More about that in another post.)

I also assessed the pantry and started our list for the next trip – groceries and supplies we need to bring. We both add to the list as we discover or think of things we need. We keep the list in a steno notebook which (hopefully) travels back and forth with us.                                         

Saturday morning, the dogs were up at 6:00 and whining for attention at the door. Bess is a very vocal dog, but when it comes to whining for entry, she lets Nellie do the work. Later Mike discovered their sleeping accommodations probably weren’t as comfortable as they should have been. When he checked the dogloo, he didn’t notice a bag of extra wood shavings stuffed in there. We don’t know where they slept, but they didn’t complain until 6:00. Nellie did seem extra tired but Bess, being a young dog, was ready for anything “fun guy” wanted to do.                                                                                                     
Saturday Mike lubed the windmill, sprayed the lane and the drive to kill/inhibit the weeds (several hours of real work), and spread gravel where the wash in the lane occurred. 

We also transplanted some “Crown Imperial” frittalaria and hope that our work will be rewarded. We won’t know until next year. 
Yes, it’s true. What Mike accomplishes always sounds much more impressive than what I do. On the other hand, I do the packing and unpacking, the meal prep and clean up, and when we get home, I’m still have the unpacking and my evening chores to do. But – I have resolved that this year the house will get a good cleaning and that will start with the next trip.
Mike was so tired Saturday afternoon that before we left for town, he took a nap on the lawn. The dogs kept him company. KW


Chris said...

I don't think your work pales by comparison--it's just different and you don't get as dirty. All that cleaning, boxing, carrying and going up and down stairs is work! Just because you use different skills than Mike does doesn't mean your work is easier. There: my lecture for the day is over! :-)

Hallie said...

That's the funniest photo I've ever seen! Let's call it, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie."

Kathy said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Chris. I'm just not as physical as Mike, and the things I think are important tend to look like I'm not doing much.

But -- I didn't feel the urge to lie in the grass.