Monday, April 21, 2014


Geocaching was not the focus of our recent trip to Boise. We didn’t stop at all on the way to Boise, unless you count that stop at the Triumph dealership in Caldwell where Mike test rode a 2008 Honda Interceptor 800 touring bike, which wasn’t right for him. Now he knows. Then it was on to Boise to assist Milo with bike maintenance and various errands. We had supper at the Mongolian Barbecue, which we deemed very good.
Arriving back at Milo’s from the motel on Saturday morning, Mike disappeared. I thought he was someplace he wasn’t, but eventually he returned from finding a geocache in the neighborhood. I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out. At any rate, he accomplished his morning walk which seems to loosen his back. At home, he and the dogs take a 15-minute walk every morning.

On the return trip Saturday afternoon, we did make four stops to geocache, only finding two. But again, it served the purpose of getting us out of the car to walk or stretch. The drive on Hwy 95 between Boise and Lewiston is tedious but beautiful and I only wish I could show more pictures of snow-capped mountains.


Here’s Mike at our first stop near New Meadows.


And here's a stop at a rock outcropping above the Payette River. The hint was “under a rock.” This type of cache is my least favorite and I just don’t care about even looking.
The next stop was at a rest stop and equally frustrating. No, I didn’t take pictures of the rest area.

But, the best was right at the top of the White Bird Grade where one can look out over the peaceful valley and see the majestic mountains in the distance. The warm afternoon was turning into a cool evening, and though we hadn’t realized it yet, we were about to encounter a storm – mainly wind.

In 1877, the White Bird Canyon was the site of the famous battle between the United States and the Nez Perce Indians. You can read that history here. I mention it because it is part of our history and because the natural scene is so remote, beautiful, and pastoral – such a contrast to the idea of war. I suppose that's always the way, though. Our stop was above the scenic overlook which tells about the battle.


And when we arrived home, I took this picture of the storm sky over Idaho from our front porch in eastern Washington. KW


Hallie said...

Looks like a good trip!

Kathy said...

It was a quick trip, but that's all we needed. We're all busy and doing well.

Chris said...

I have a horrible tendency to just want to put the pedal to the metal when I have some place to be, and phooey on the stops. It's good you have something to get you to stop and move around. (Although the promise of food *will* get me to stop!)

Kathy said...

LOL --We don't stop much for food. This trip I carried munchies for us.