Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hallie and Nick continue to settle into their cute little Tudor cottage in Seattle.

A few weeks back I shared Hallie's account (here) of how they found the antique mailbox under a bush in the backyard. They decided the antique box had seen enough active service and replaced it with a new retro-styled box.

Here's what Hallie wrote in response to my question as to where she had purchased the new box: "There's a really cool store here called Rejuvenation. I believe it's headquartered in Portland--you can check them out online, too. They reproduce awesome things from the past. Most things are SUPER expensive, but for certain things I think it's worth it. The mailbox will be a point of interest and it's nice that it's locking. It's bigger than the original mailboxes of that style, which is good given the size/volume of mail that is distributed these days.  

"We also got some of those push button switches for the living room. I wish I could get a part time job at that store just to have the employee discount. I'll take you there when you visit."

Oh Boy! I can hardly wait to go.

I remember push button switches, do you? As my parents updated their 1910 Sears Craftsman, they replaced those with toggle switches, but for a long time my dad's studio still had the push button unit. KW


Chris said...

Ooo! I like! Some things are definitely worth the price.

And I remember those light switches in your house, Kathy. :-)

Kathy said...

Now that I think of it, I can see those switches in other rooms, too. I could go and knock on the door and ask the present owners if I could check out the light switches. Yeah--okay--probably not.

Hallie said...

We want to get some metal switch plates, too, but are in search for just the right thing. It is a blast researching these little details and replicating the look of old! :)

I found a blog yesterday where some homeowners planned to replace or refurbish an old, wood paneled door. Upon removing the wood paneling from the 60s, they discovered a solid mahogony door and a neat art deco speakeasy underneath. Can you believe it?!

Chris said...

If you want to be brave and go knock on the door, I'll go with you!

Kathy said...

That's very nice of you, Chris, but I'm afraid it would open up a well of emotion. Mother was the house, and the house was Mother, and I know we would find that she isn't there. Of course, if I leave it in my memory, then she will always be there.

In the early '60s, a woman came to the door and identified herself. Mother knew who she was -- an early owner of the house. They visited about the years that the woman had lived in the house. She spoke of how she just loved the open view from the breakfast room window. Mother didn't think anything of it -- conversation continued. As she was going out the front door, the visitor blurted out, "Would you let me see the view from the breakfast room window -- just this one last time?" "Of course," said Mother, and they moved into the breakfast room. The visitor was shocked! The view she remembered -- a field -- had changed -- totally filled with houses.

Chris said...

Ahh, I totally understand. We'll keep our memories intact and be the better for it.