Monday, May 19, 2014


“Tah-dada-tahdum, tah-dada-tahdum.” My cell phone was “ringing”! Who could it be?

“Hello Gramma Kathy?” said a little voice. And I knew this wasn’t the dreaded “Hello-Grandma-this-is-your-oldest-grandson” call. (Besides, her dad’s name came up on the screen.)

“Hello, Emmy. How are you?” I responded without hesitation.

Emmy and I must have visited for ten minutes or so – and there were some silences when neither of us could think of anything to say. She wanted to thank me for the Easter outfit I sent for her doll. Had she ever named the doll, I asked. And she said, no, she wasn’t quite ready. I remarked that the doll must be keeping her name a secret from Emmy. And then she casually mentioned that she now has two American Girl dolls. She received a second one last Christmas.

When were they going to tell me?! Here I’ve been sewing for just one doll – and worrying that maybe Emmy wasn’t much interested. Clearly, I’m going to have to talk to someone about this oversight. My family has always said that I’m on a “need to know” basis, but after all, some things I need to know! It just makes me wonder -- Are they hiding children I don’t know about? (Joke – I hope.)

Well, I wasn’t going to tell Emmy about my dolls, but I had already exhausted all the topics I could think of – school, soccer, swimming, sister Annie’s graduation from high school and the upcoming celebratory party. And after all, isn’t it about bonding over our common interests? So . . .
“I have three dolls,” I said, “two American Girls and I just bought another one . . .”

“Really!!?” she said, with that upswing on the second syllable sounding like surprise with maybe a tinge of delight.

When questioned, Emmy’s dad confirmed that there are now two dolls but referred me to “someone else” to discuss that. Not his purview, he said. In subsequent email, Emmy’s mother confirmed the new doll, a brunette. Evidently two dolls have more fun, even if one is a brunette.

So, I’m inspired to get back to the sewing room and make doll clothes. Having lots of patterns for the 18-inch doll did not deter me from experimenting with doll clothes panels – a fabric line called “Let’s Play Dolls” by Firetrail Designs for Andover Fabrics, which includes a number of different outfits plus coordinating yardage. I enjoy cutting out the little garment pieces while watching tv – a “no brainer” that keeps my hands busy and my thoughts calm. Each panel includes an outfit, accessories, and instructions, but – and this is the cool part – the sewist can also scan the code and bring up more detailed instructions on her iPad. I love that!

So, these panel outfits will make a summer wardrobe large enough for two dolls to share. KW


Chris said...

Oh boy!! Another doll to sew for! I'd say I was jealous, but I wouldn't trade any of our boys for a granddaughter, so I'll just enjoy vicariously as you sew for Emmy's dolls.

Looking forward to hearing details of the brunette--a girl of today or one of the historical ones?

Kathy said...

Hi Chris! I admit that having Emmy's interest makes sewing for dolls more meaningful. However, I got started in this because of your nice doll display. Eventually I want to make costumes for my own collection.

Emmy's dolls are girls of today. I believe the blond was purchased because she resembled Emmy, but I hear the brunette is the favorite right now. Emmy's mom, a blond herself, stopped short of saying that brunettes have more fun.

I hope that my dolls can visit Emmy's dolls this year.