Friday, May 30, 2014


By special request, I'm posting here the pictures of Hallie and Nick's project to reupholster the old dining chairs they purchased. (Several were posted previously.)

Mike holds the plywood while Nick cuts new chair seats.

Hallie and Nick work together to staple the foam and batting into place.

Here's the chair as it appeared originally. You can almost see how dirty the upholstery was. (The picture doesn't do it justice.) AND -- there was no foam padding -- only a layer of batting.

And here's the chair they finished on Saturday -- quite an improvement in both comfort and appearance. KW


Chris said...

I love them!! The color is perfect (the green makes me think of the '60's and '70's) and the addition of the foam will make them so much more comfortable. Well done!! (And I love that Hallie has her fingers in her ears in the first photo!)

Kathy said...

I think if these chairs could talk, they would tell quite a story about their previous lives. They came from the factory pristine and beautiful -- maybe in the '40s? -- but then in the '70s they fell into a family who pulled off the old brocade and quickly recovered with a cheap fabric. Greasy little hands and sliding bottoms took their toll on the green fabric, and when "mom" finally got her new dining suite, our set was stored in the basement until mom and dad downsized. None of the kids wanted the chairs, so they were sold at auction and moved to the store where Hallie and Nick found them. How's that? Whatever . . .

How's that for a story.

Kathy said...

Disregard that last line in the previous comment. I didn't see it in the draft. And we all know that Blogger is unfriendly when you try to fix things.