Friday, May 2, 2014


Mike headed out to an appointment Tuesday (April 29). Following that, he made a 30-mile trek into the wilderness on his dirt bike to pick up three new geocaches and then we went to the farm. I had everything packed and ready to load upon his return and we were on our way out of town by 3:00, arriving at the farm by 4:20.

Once the pick-up was unloaded, Mike was off to mow the lawn while I unpacked. I checked the yard and found a little rhubarb mature enough to pull. Once I cut it into one-inch pieces, it was only two cups, but I decided I’d make it work for a half recipe of rhubarb marshmallow cake. A cup of raspberries frozen during the season last year filled out the fruit layer nicely. In fact, it was delicious.

It was a lovely day and warm in the sun, but let me tell you, the house was cold. When I browned some chicken for our supper, I couldn’t figure out why the pan was smoking. I finally realized it was steam.

Round and round Mike went on the riding mower until he had the job finished about 7:00. Nellie doesn’t like the mower and stayed inside, but Bess isn’t paranoid like that. She ran round and round the yard while Mike mowed.

Wednesday morning, Mike discovered the “Meet of Champions” was scheduled for Thursday (May 1). He’s been looking forward to attending this event, a competition amongst the top track and field competitors from regional high schools, but he didn’t realize it would happen this soon in the month. We had intended to return to town on Friday anyway. “It doesn’t really matter,” I said; “let’s go back for the track meet.”

True to form, Mike made sure he finished his list of chores, including:
·        Installing the new water pump in the refrigerator (it works!)
·        Trimming the yard with the weed-eater
·        Installing a new flapper in one of the commodes (it works!)
·        Cleaning the eaves trough at the kitchen door
·        Adjusting the washing machine and setting up the clothesline
·        Cleaning the shower head for better water volume
·        Pulling some organic stuff from the pond
And then, since he’d worked so hard, I allowed him to take a break and ride his bike to Nezperce and back. (He carries his bike to the point where the road is paved.) He reported record time, averaging16.7 mph – the fastest he’s ever done. He attributes this excellent time to a fast bike, a fairly calm day, Accelerade (energy drink), and of course, he’s not in too bad shape. (He just keeps getting better and better.)
There’s construction on the Gilbert Grade. The flagger said they were putting on a lift and resurfacing. Apparently they’re adding seven layers of dirt and fresh gravel. (No, they aren’t paving it.) She added that they renew the grade in this way every seven years.
How long would the project take, Mike asked. Well, they said 21 days in the beginning and it's been three weeks, the flagger responded. She went on to say they were just finishing the lower part of the grade, implying there's quite a lot more to go.
So, here we are, back in town. It was 88 yesterday afternoon and a great day for a track meet. Supposedly today will be a cooler warm day (82), but then a cold front comes through tonight bringing wind and dropping our high temps into the 60s all next week. Well, we have things to do – wherever we are. KW


Hallie said...

What does it mean that they are putting on a lift on the grade? What is a lift?

Congratulations to Dad on the good ride!

Kathy said...

It means, I guess, that they're adding a layer of material and tamping it down with a roller -- and doing that seven times. The flagger said they have to do it every seven years. I guess that "lifts" the road.

It was just as hot today as it was yesterday. I carried water for the dogs when we walked.