Thursday, August 28, 2014


The M/W Homestead, formerly the Julian and Ina Dobson Homestead
Yesterday (Wednesday, August 27), Mike set out on a geo-junket (day trip) to the Woodland area out of Kamiah and on to Pierce and Weippe (remote Idaho settlements). That left me and the two practicing canines here at the farmhouse.

My view from the dining room window

I keep my laptop on Grandma Ina’s old pantry cupboard where I have a view of the barn and beyond to June’s field. Now that harvest is over, I sit at my laptop and stare out the window, dreaming of hiking those trails made by the combines. Today I would make it a reality.

I prepared by exchanging my shorts for jeans, but I decided against wearing hiking boots. I thought I could make it just fine in regular shoes, and I did.

The grove -- house hidden from view
It was 11:30 and growing hot as the dogs and I left the house and moved into the field beyond the pond. Bess ran here and there with a carefree, springy lope while Nellie poked along, slow and steady.

A post-harvest scene from top of hill
Make no mistake – the path across this field is quite steep. I knew it would be. But the reward is great. Only from the higher points can we look back and see the lay of the land, and I love to do that. I’m sure that Grandpa Jack studied well in the very beginning where he would locate his farmyard. In that “bowl” is protection from the wind and the elements.

Little Canyon from June's
Uncle June (Grandpa’s twin), on the other hand, built his home and farmyard on top where the elements play unmercifully. Perhaps he had no choice. Perhaps he wanted the views. But you won’t find the house or any other evidence that a family ever lived here. The property was sold and the worn-out buildings torn down in the 1950 timeframe and the land put into cultivation.

And then we wended our way back to the farmhouse over the trail that Mike made for us by dragging a piece of wood with the 4-wheeler. Note the instant decoration on the front door. KW


Chris said...

Those are some gorgeous pictures! I think your Grandpa picked a perfect place for the house; as you say, it is protected, but also very picturesque. And you have great views, too! I know when we were there for the party last year my mom envied the views out each window.

Love your wreath! Did you make it?

Kathy said...

I really think the placement of the house was a studied decision and they did the best they could. The view of Little Canyon *is* special.

The wreath is Jo-Ann's finest and getting old -- a little loppitty, as it were. Every year I think I should discard it and buy a new one but then I ask myself why I should do that. A little wire will pull it back into place.