Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Friday morning I kissed Mike good-bye at the convenience store in north Lewiston where the Boise-Winnemucca stage line picks up its passengers. I don’t know if a bus ride was on his “bucket list,” but at any rate he greeted his trip to Boise on the bus as a great adventure. The purpose of the trip was to pick up his new-used BMW F800 ST (Sport Touring) motorcycle purchased through a Boise dealer.
Mason & Mike with BMW

Milo, Jenny, Mason & Gage, Mike
While in Boise he visited son Milo, met Milo’s girlfriend Jenny, and spent time with grandsons Mason and Gage. 

Naturally, he rode the BMW home, arriving at suppertime Saturday evening.

The touring bike will be much more comfortable for trips and enable him to carry more gear and (hopefully) keep track of his stuff. That seems to be a challenge. He’s already volunteered to carry a gift to granddaughter Emmy when he goes to Denver next month. Usually he declines to carry anything I might send.

Nellie & Bess hope Mike returns soon
Of course, the dogs and I are a unit while Mike is gone. I think they handled his absence better with the Boise trip because he didn’t leave on a motorcycle. He simply didn’t come back with me, and they had no picture of his leaving. Contrast that with this photo of them after he left on his motorcycle yesterday morning. (They had been moping in tandem but raised their heads in interest when I took the picture.) He would only be gone the morning, but they didn’t know that. When he leaves on a motorcycle, he might be right back – or it could be days.

Harvest finishes to the north
So, we’re back at the farm, and while we were gone, the farm crew finished harvest on our land. I watched yesterday as they worked on the ridge to the north. Then that was finished and they moved on. 
Smoky today

So we escaped the worst of the dust, but today it’s smoky! It wasn’t so bad yesterday, but this morning the smoke was upon us – not just a distant smoke but smoke in the yard. I decided not to do the laundry. It’s that bad. KW


Chris said...

Wow, you do have the smoke again! New fires or old ones? It's pretty clear here except for the harvest dust. Cough, cough...

Hope Mike likes his new motorcycle--it should, as you say, be more comfortable and have more room.

Hallie said...

I've never seen such smoke/dust there!

Kathy said...

I don't know where the fires are and if they're new or old.

Mike does like his new touring bike (motorcycle). However, he had intended to sell his Triumph Street Triple R (urban sport bike), but we agree that it has its place in his collection. Neither the touring bike nor the dirt bikes are appropriate for errands, short road trips with the gang, etc.

And of course, I encourage this madness so that I can have more than one sewing machine, more than one camera, more than one digital device, and plenty of fabric.

Chris said...

Oh, I'm chuckling!! You go, girl. (We have our own version of the same madness.)

Chuck said...

We got out of the smoke south of Grangeville. It was nice down the South Fork of the Payette, up the main Payette to Lowman, where we stayed at a hot springs motel; the next day over Banner Summit and into Stanley. then over Galena Summit and into Ketchum. We had hard rain and hail in "Hailey". We stayed in Wells, NV overnight, then home. We had two more hailstorms, one south of Ely and another at Pioche, on 93. We got home about 5 P.M. Wednesday night. We are now playing catch up with the mail. Joanne is seeing a doctor about her knee. No news, yet.