Monday, August 11, 2014


Harvest of winter wheat began on June's place today. It's wonderful that it's happening while my brother Chuck and his wife Joanne are visiting.

Chuck and Mike enjoy watching the big harvest machines from the comfort of the front porch.

It's hot -- 99 as I write -- and so-o-o-o smoky. Add the dust of harvest to that, and I'm glad I didn't do the laundry today.

Despite the heat, I baked a loaf of zucchini bread this morning with the one zucchini that developed on my plant. I wish I could say I see more such fruit in the future.  KW


Chris said...

Love the picture of Mike and Chuck. Harvest is in full swing here, too. We made a quick trip to Spokane yesterday and got behind convoys of combines!! And the dust? Yes, 'tis the season.

Hallie said...

I think Dad is watching the inside of his eyelids.