Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Nick and Hallie continue to spend hours fixing up their small brick Tudor in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Hallie sent the picture left which was taken late in July. Note the contrast with the one on the right taken as the house was re-roofed last spring.

These are the most recent pictures, sent Monday (Aug. 11) and show the bead board above the door entry--it was peeling brown paint like the brick molding on the door. Hallie said the electric sander was not doing a good job, so she bought a heat gun and made quick work of this!

The comment on photo right is that Nick caulks everything.

And here it is: a beautiful finish!


Chris said...

I love every Tudor update! Good work, Nick and Hallie!

Kathy said...

The Tudor updates do seem full of positive energy, even though I know it's hard work and sometimes a puzzle.