Friday, August 1, 2014

". . . , more than meets the eye"

Could it be Optimus Prime?

I am satisfied that this is an imposter and not Optimus Prime.

Update for confused readers: As the dogs and I were walking the other day, we had just come to "mailbox corner" when I realized the big truck was bearing down on us. Nellie was savvy enough to react to the tone of panic in my voice and come to safety on the bank, but I had to convince Bess. The big truck turned our corner very close. (I'm not sure the driver ever saw us.) Apparently Bess was impressed because as we walked back home -- same direction as the truck -- she stayed at my knee, and when she did finally move from me, she crept along -- every step controlled. The truck had parked in the neighbor's field -- was there to haul away the hay bales -- and it did seem ominous, peeking over the rise to watch us. As we approached, Bess' curiosity got the better of her and she cautiously moved in to investigate. Apparently she learned that it was inanimate and no threat when silent.

And Nellie? Timid Nellie has never been afraid of big machines -- just little ones, like lawnmowers and weed eaters. "Aw Bess!" she said, "Quit being a silly goose. It's just an old truck."


Hallie said...

Optimus Prime!?

Chris said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking I'm missing something here.

Kathy said...

"Transformers -- more than meets the eye!"

Hallie identified Optimus Prime and I had to look it up on Wikipedia. Simply put, he's one of the Transformers.

Did Matt have Transformers? He was probably a little old when that craze came on the toy scene. Our Clint was a fan -- has quite a collection.

Chris said...

Ahh, I see. I think Matt might have had one or two at the start of the craze, but as you say, he was older and he pretty much passed it by. Thanks for explaining!

Hallie said...

Second photo: that dog is ALL tongue!

Kathy said...

Nellie does have a long narrow tongue.

I updated the post so that it tells the story of Bess and the big truck.