Wednesday, August 20, 2014


You can water and water, but there’s nothing like a refreshing rain to bring the plant world to life. It’s like the plants take a big breath and expand for the moisture with a deep “ahhhhhh.” I’m sure the cooler air is part of it. And -- I feel fresher, too.

We’ve had several storms in the past month, but not much rain. That ended at 5:00 a.m. this morning when the little men played ten pins right over our roof. It poured rain for ten minutes and then continued to rain intermittently for several hours. A lovely cool breeze wafted through the windows from the north and then the east.

The storm cleared out much of the smoke, though some haziness has managed to sneak back in.

From where I sit, summer is gradually fading away. Days are shorter. Fields are harvested. Fall is in the air. And at Jo-Ann’s – or any other fabric / craft / home dec shops, we see fall colors and Halloween decorations. I don’t mind at all. If you’re going to decorate for a holiday – especially if you’re creating your own decorations – it pays to start early.

I just started the quilting process on my “Halloween Masquerade” quilt with some hand stitching to accent the center design. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I sit in Hallie’s room – a.k.a. the guest room, a.k.a. my room – which I consider altogether the best room in the house. When I was growing up and we stayed at the farm, this was my room, and my mother put some effort into making it my place. I spent quiet times in that room – and now sewing in that room is just feels like home.

With the cooler day at hand, Mike made muffins and I baked that old harvest favorite, pumpkin bread. And supper is cooking in the crock pot. Yes, it seems like fall. KW


Chris said...

There's just something about fall that no other season has. Coziness? Comfort? The colors definitely speak to me and I think there's a clarity in the air that is only there in the fall. Whatever, I'm with you!

The quilt is looking great! Can't wait to see it in all its glory. And what a great room to work on it.

Hallie said...

Wow! You caught lightning in your photo!

Kathy said...

LOL. I must have looked through the photos on the last two posts six times trying to see the lightning. It's quite obscure. Funny thing is, I knew that strike occurred as I took the picture, and then I saw it.

I surely hope I can finish the Halloween quilt this year. We'll see . . .