Wednesday, October 8, 2014


An interesting sky before sunset

We take a break from our Colorado adventure for a “home” update.

Mike and Little Bess hike to the target
We’ve said it before – it’s been such a lovely autumn. We often have a nice autumn in the Inland Empire of the Pacific Northwest. Some people think it’s one of our best seasons. But this year it’s dry – really dry. And it’s warm -- downright hot in the afternoon. Mike and I have yet to run the furnace or light the fireplace. Some regions report frost, but that hasn’t happened in our town or at Gilbert.

The shadow grow long as evening approaches
This morning I hung three loads of laundry on the line, and the clothes were mostly dry by mid-afternoon.

Mike took out our tomato bushes the other day because I just didn’t think those green tomatoes would ever ripen on the vine. (They’re now on the counter in the kitchen.) But here at the farm I picked two nice zucchini from a plant that appears worn out – tired of the fight to stay alive in the hot sun.

The moon was beautiful last night, shining brightly on the landscape. I was tempted to go for a moonlight walk, but my better judgment won out. You don’t know who or what you might meet in the night – or who might take umbrage. In fact, the coyote tribe held a yodel fest which went on intermittently all night.
The downside, I would say, is the bugs. Wasps have invaded the house, and while they aren’t really aggressive, I don’t care to have them around, hovering here and there. We also see many flies, “stink bugs,” and the occasional yellow jacket. Now and then a spider skitters away to hide, and they say that’s a sign that winter’s on the way. KW


Chris said...

It's been beautiful, that's for certain. I went for a walk this evening and it was perfect with the turning leaves against the darkening blue sky. Just too soon dark.

Wasps!! You are brave if you live with them. I'd be running around like a crazy woman. Just ask my family.

Kathy said...

Well, I think some things in the country just can't be avoided, especially in an old house. We haven't had it professionally fumigated -- not sure that would be effective. But -- we have set off those "bombs" in the attic while we're away, and maybe we should do that again. I can put up with it, but it's embarrassing when visitors are here.