Friday, October 10, 2014


Ken called about 8:30 yesterday morning (Thursday, Oct. 9) to say that he and Ginny were celebrating her birthday with a helicopter ride. The plan was that they would fly up the Clearwater River from Lewiston to Dworshak Dam and the reservoir. Then, they would swing over the farm -- if they could find it, he said. He had found a map online, and I knew that would help more than anything I could say. Watch for the helicopter at about 10:30, he said -- give or take.

Allowing plenty of time, I went out to wait on the porch. When Mike came along, he thought it would be better if we were on the brow of the hill east of the yard (June's field) where they could see us. That's what we did -- sitting on the stubble to wait. Somehow Bess and Nellie knew we were waiting for something -- just not what. Bess pleaded with Mike for something more exciting while Nellie wandered around, keeping us in sight.

It was almost 11:00 when we finally heard the whir of a helicopter. And there it was -- circling overhead. I was ready with the camera, but it was difficult to get good shots of a moving target.

The helicopter circled twice -- and then it was gone just as suddenly as it appeared. 

Thanks for coming by!


Chris said...

How fun!! (Reminds me of the "old days" when we had friends who flew and got to ride every now and then.)

Hallie said...

You did a pretty good job of capturing the photos. I can see them inside; possibly waving.