Saturday, November 29, 2014

". . . in the lane ------, snow is glistenin. . ."

I’m sitting in front of my fully decorated Christmas tree sipping hot chocolate while it snows outside. The old clock ticks. A fire burns merrily in the fireplace. It’s a peaceful farm holiday – just the way we like it.

Milo and Jenny (and Tate, her little Yorkie) arrived mid-day on Thanksgiving. Mike and I were grateful to have them with us. The weather was in our favor, but this morning (Saturday), Milo said he thought they should head back to Boise as soon as they could get ready. Regional snowstorms were predicted, and he was concerned about the roads. Also, an extra day at home would give him time to see his sons and get ready for the work week. 

So, they left at 9:30. As hard as it was to let them go, I was grateful they were on their way. By 10:30 it had begun to snow. Mike and I made a quick trip to Orofino to pick up a few things. We left Gilbert as it began to snow, but it was raining in the valley. By the time we returned to the farm, snow was sticking on. But - just to show you the way it goes, Milo sent a message late afternoon to say they drove in sunshine most all the way to Boise.

It’s just the greatest that we can enjoy this Christmas tree, courtesy of Jenny and Milo. Most every year I spend a day close to Christmas hurriedly setting up and decorating the tree. This year, since we spent Thanksgiving at the farmhouse, I wanted to put the tree up on Friday. “We'll do it,” Milo and Jenny readily volunteered. In fact, they said, this would be their third tree so far this year.

Bless their hearts! They set it up and then decorated it with Hallmark houses and various other ornaments. They didn’t argue a bit, and I could hear them discussing the ornaments and where to hang them as I fixed supper.

This evening we have just a skiff of snow, but it will be cold overnight. Bess and Nell are going to sleep in the house tonight, and Mike and I have our warmest clothes ready for the morning. KW

[We took more pictures. Unfortunately, we don't have them due to memory issues -- mine and the camera's.] 


Chris said...

Great picture of Milo. And what a gift they gave you by decorating the tree. When the kids were home and helped, it was fun to do. Now that it's just us (Dan always puts the tree up and does the lights), it's more work than fun. But when it's done, I do love it!

Kathy said...

As a youngster, I thought putting up the tree was just the greatest thing to do, but now it seems as if we have so much to do that the enjoyment of the tree gets crowded out.

I left the SD card out of the camera, which resulted in some pictures being lost. But I knew that picture of Milo was good when Mike took it, so I'm glad to have it.