Saturday, November 22, 2014


Holiday Event #1, the P.E.O. silent auction, is now history. I made and donated the items pictured here for the bidding process. I almost left the little gingerbread house at home, thinking it looked a little too homely, but Mike said it was charming and I should take it. Indeed, bidders commented on how charming it was, but no one bid on it. The rest of my items “sold,” but I don’t think they were the source of “hot bidding.” In other words, they went for a dollar, and that’s food for thought when I consider the amount of time I put into it.

Sometimes when I’m sewing or crafting or crocheting, I come to a point where the project seems just a bit difficult and I’m tempted to set it down for “later.” If I don’t return to it in a timely manner, the hurdle looms larger with each passing day. That’s when it becomes a “buffalo.”

But as you can see, I finished things, and I take a lot of pride in that. Even the lopsided gingerbread house is finished. And I was working until the last minute. The morning of the silent auction, I made the little Barbie shirt.

And then it was on to other pressing things. Doll clothes for granddaughter Emmy have rotated to the top of my sewing list again. Last year I wanted to make a Pilgrim costume for her American Girl doll, but I didn’t have a pattern. (A drafter of patterns I am not.) Chris helped me find one for collar and cap online, but not having time to finish it before Thanksgiving, I packed it up and put it away somewhere and now I can’t find it. Wherever it is, it's a "buffalo," but it was okay because this year I purchased Joan Hinds’ book, Doll Costume Dress Up, which includes a Pilgrim costume. I just started all over with Ms. Hinds' simple design, and that was probably best. I finished the costume at 3:30 yesterday (Friday, Nov. 21), photographed my doll modeling it, quickly slipped it off her and packed it into a padded envelope, and then I dashed off to the post office to mail it. I hope Emmy receives it prior to Thanksgiving.

Here’s a photo of my Molly modeling the costume for “Blessing Warnock,” her part in the pretend school play. KW


Chris said...

That pilgrim outfit is adorable! Emmy will love it. You may need to make another for yourself!

For all the work that goes into doll clothes, especially barbie ones because they're so tiny, there's no way you could ever get what your time and supplies are worth. Guess that's part of your donation to your group?

Well done, I say!

Hallie said...

Very cute! I like the Thanksgiving decor in the background, too.

Kathy said...

Yes -- and you know,Chris, that I can tell everything that's wrong with it. I can definitely improve with a second try. (Hint: apron should be shorter.)

Hi, Travelin' Hallie! That decor came from Jo-Ann's and has already been removed so that I can put it in the window at the farm.