Thursday, January 1, 2015



I saw Christmas photos of granddaughter Emmy wearing a crocheted “Elsa” hat/wig, a gift from her Uncle Murray. That was my inspiration – all it took for me to be off on one of my tangents. It was “a bee in my bonnet.” I “took a notion,” as my mother would have said.

“There must be patterns to make these ‘Frozen’ hat/wigs for 18-inch dolls,” I said to myself. Online research from my armchair proved there are! And once I saw Elsa’s hat I had to have Anna’s as well. (Emmy has two American Girl dolls.) I chose to purchase both hat patterns from Etsy seller, The Cozy Buckeye. Naturally, I downloaded them instantaneously, which is affirming in itself.

Then I dithered around for a while trying to find the right yarn colors. I’ll summarize the 45 minutes of agonizing over yarn at Jo-Ann’s by saying that it was picked over. I couldn’t find the colors I needed in any line of 4-ply yarn.

“But,” I hear you saying, “you have a stash of yarn.” Yes, I do, but much of it is stored on the farm and inaccessible for a while. It just wouldn’t do to put this project off. NOW is the time -- while Emmy’s hat is still new and while it’s winter.

I do have some yarn stored here and there at the town house. Sometimes it’s easier to buy new than search it out – that’s the way one grows one’s stash -- but as I stood there at Jo-Ann’s, I had to admit to myself that I really didn’t need much yarn to make these hats – just a variety of colors. I decided that I would have to use ingenuity (oh no!) to adjust colors and yarn weights, which probably wouldn’t matter for this project. I could do it even if I had to take something apart, I decided.

Elsa & Anna hats
Back at the house, I began a second search through my yarn with an open mind. I haven’t seen Frozen, but Emmy is eminently familiar with the characters Elsa and Anna, so first I had to research them to see what kind of leeway I might have. A dark turquoise became the body of Elsa’s hat and I preferred yellow rather than white for her braid. For Anna, I unraveled a scrap afghan I started years ago for a shade of rosy pink, and since I had no black on hand, I substituted a color called “claret.” For her braids, I used “brick” in a lighter, softer yarn, which works well for this project anyway.

I made both hats quickly and really enjoyed doing it, so I’m starting 2015 with finish. A simple project finished quickly is inspiration in itself. 

Mrs. Claus' 2015 sewing room is indeed open for business. Last night the neighbors stopped by with a Christmas gift they had crafted for us – this “W” which suggests Santa’s pants. It’s just the decorative element Mrs. Claus needed. First up: reorganize the room. KW


Hallie said...

Wow! You cranked those out!

The "W" is very thoughtful and cute.

My goal for the day was to finish stripping and sanding the trim in the back bedroom. I worked a full 8 hours and didn't make my goal. *sigh* I am still optimistic that 2015 will be the year of finishes here, too.

Kathy said...

I know how it feels to set a goal that just isn't attainable by the deadline. It's okay -- you'll get there.

Chris said...

Yay for you!! Yay for jumping on the doll hats so they will be appreciated at the appropriate time (winter and while Frozen is still hot--if you get my meaning) and for opening the 2015 Christmas Sewing Room!