Saturday, January 31, 2015


We had hoped for sunshine yesterday (Friday, Jan. 30), but the day dawned misty and dull and continued that way. After lunch, Mike and I made a trip to the farm. We loaded a basketful of clean laundry, some empty containers for things we wanted to get, AND – one of the dogloos because Mike discovered it leaks.

Peering into the back of the pick-up, I didn’t see a lot of room for Bess and Nellie. “Are we taking the dogs?” I asked.

“Well sure,” said Mike. “They’ll ride in the dog house.” And they did! (Frankly I suspect Nellie really liked the protection. She has told me that she doesn’t like the uncertainty of traveling with crates and boxes, etc., because occasionally the load shifts. However, Mike doesn't believe me.)

Our first stop was for a geocache not far from town on the Clearwater River. It took me a few minutes, but once I stepped back and looked at the site, the location was readily visible.

We noted a lot of traffic. It took Mike to Lenore to successfully pass the first group of six slow-moving vehicles due to oncoming traffic. Below Riverside, a crew had just finished clearing a rock slide off the road.

We stopped in Orofino so that Mike could leave boots to be re-soled at Murray’s Shoe Shop. While he took care of that, I visited the thrift store right next door. I found a Hollie Hobby collectors plate from the 1970s for $1.95.

Then it was on to the farm. Gilbert Grade was wet and muddy and near the top we entered dense fog which continued all the way to the farm. Visibility was poor. We stopped at the mailbox and found several important letters which were delivered before I arranged for forwarding.

It was 2:30 when we arrived, and quickly we set to work. Mike exchanged the dogloo for the one in the woodshed. He also emptied mousetraps (seven mice in all -- a bit disturbing), reset them, and set even more. We plan to return in a couple of weeks to check this situation. He also determined that the new weather station is still standing and working well.

Now for the fun! I took my list and headed to the vintage sewing room to seek out patterns for teddy bear clothes. (I take my current obsession with me wherever I go.) I found two vintage issues of “National Doll World” magazine from 1984 focused on sewing and crochet for “adopted kids” (think "Cabbage Patch"), and I believe these will be better for the Build-a-Bears than patterns for the American Girl doll. (It's a miracle I still have these. It just goes to show that some things should NEVER be tossed.) I also gathered two issues of “Granny Squares and Needlework” from ’84 and ’85 that include some ideas for dolls/bears. Other things went into my bin as well – fabric scraps here, a skein of yarn there. Lastly, I located stationery and matching envelopes on a teddy bear theme from the bottom drawer of the desk, leftover from correspondence with another granddaughter years ago. Life is good!!

By the time I had gathered my treasures, Mike was ready to leave. I took just a couple of pictures to show you the fog – no use to take more. Traffic was lighter on the way back to our valley home. We arrived about 4:45. KW

[Annabell, my new Build-a-Bear, stepped comfortably into the pajamas I made for Hallie's doll 30 years ago.]


Hallie said...

I was waiting for the punchline--I THOUGHT that outfit looked familiar. I like these dressed-up bears. I always was more attracted to the furry faces.

Kathy said...

LOL.I found the pajamas tucked into a drawer at the farm. Something to be said for furry faces -- and cuddly bodies.

Chris said...

Love the jammies! Extra special that you made them for Hallie's doll. Love that. I'll get my pattern in the mail to you soon. :-)