Saturday, January 17, 2015


Yesterday (Friday, Jan. 16) was a wonderful day. I received my first special order in the mail. Naturally, it was from granddaughter Emmy.

The envelope was addressed to “Grandma Kathy’s Scrap Bin,” which is what I call my unregistered, unofficial business. (The Scrap Bin sells nothing and collects no sales tax.) But the return address on my mailings of doll clothes to Emmy is “Gramma’s Scrap Bin.”

The envelope contained a piece of 8 ½ x 11 paper folded and refolded and then taped. Written in typical first-grade printing was the request: “Can you please make me this?” 

Unfolding the paper, I found sketches which I interpreted as a skirt and t-shirt with the name “Rosabell” embroidered on it.

Rosabell, a “Build-a-Bear” stuffed bear, is Emmy’s favorite companion at the moment. Yes, the American Girls are under the bed, her mother confirms, and possibly naked, but Rosabell has been wearing their clothes. Clearly, though, Rosabell is wishing for an outfit she can call her very own.

I know almost nothing about these “Build-a-Bears,” but if I had known about Rosabell before Christmas I would have asked Santa for a bear of my own. Fortunately, advice and patterns are available online for those who want to make clothes for a bear, and Emmy’s mom assures me that the American Girl doll clothes work great. KW


Chris said...

Oh what fun!! This is making me smile big time! I'll bet ideas are whirling through your mind as you contemplate your options (within the design specifications, of course!) Happy stitching.

Kathy said...

Actually, what was whirling through my mind was that I wanted one of those bears -- for the sewing room, of course. So, Kelly and I worked it out this evening that she will have it sent and I will reimburse her. I think her name should be Lulubell, don't you?

But yes, I have ideas and I want the clothes to be right for Rosabell.

Chris said...

Looking forward to hearing the adventures of Lulubell! I think you've chose a perfect name. And of course you *must* have a model to design for Rosabell so you have done the right thing. (Said she who has many bears throughout her house.) ♥

Kathy said...

I must come visit you again. I didn't realize you are a collector of bears. I have known several others. Have you ever been to a Build-a-Bear Shop? There's one in Spokane. (Hint: You, Ann, me, Little D . . .)

Chris said...

Do you remember my big teddy bear when I was little? I called him Teddy and he was probably two feet tall (or so it seemed to be when I was smaller... but I do think he was actually that big). I've loved bears for a long time. I have one on our bed, there are about five or six in the the living room, at least one in all the other bedrooms, and a big one on the family room. And more come out at Christmas!

Ann and I have been trying to get to Spokane for a girls' day for a year. We never seem to find the time, so don't hold your breath!

Kathy said...

I hope it works out for the two of you to get away. (Yes, you can go without me. . .)

I don't specifically remember your teddy bear(s). I still have my stuffed dog (Boofy). Stuffed animals are a great tool for quick decoration. They seem to bring warmth to a room.

(I wonder where Hallie is ...)

Hallie said...

Hallie is here! Headed to Toronto today (early morning).

That is an adorable little message from Emmy!

Kathy said...

Received the word today -- Emmy built a bear for me and she's on her way! Jeff, our UPS guy, will deliver her on Friday. Emmy named her Annabell, which is just great! I can hardly wait!!!