Thursday, February 5, 2015


Winter may not always bring snow to the Pacific Inland Empire, but we have our share of what Grandmother Ina called “dull days” at this time of year. Mike marveled again this morning that for the next week or so the forecast is for cloudy conditions. Temperatures are moderate – 54 as I write – with lows above freezing.

Sometimes we get up to fog. The other evening, fog rolled in just as daylight was waning and I took a couple of pictures.

Mike remarked recently that our electric blanket seemed to be failing. I figure the life span of an electric blanket is five years, and since this one had done duty for at least ten, it was well past time to replace it. I studied prices and reviews online. We’ve always had Sunbeam electric blankets (now called heated blankets), and I decided the next blanket should also be a Sunbeam, which showed an overall positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The few who did not rate positively said in essence, “There is no way this blanket will stay on the bed.”

Well, I decided to check Costco before ordering. Yes, they had them, and at the best price I had seen – less than $70 as compared to $110 online. I noted that it was more like a velour throw than a blanket. It is what it is, so I opted for an olive green.

It’s never fun to change out electric blankets -- out with the old cords, in with the new. The process involves dragging cords under the furniture and then running a check to be sure the controls are set on the appropriate sides of the bed. (Mike tells a story about another wife who reversed the controls. I profit by her mistake and strive not to make it myself.)

This blanket heats well. Instead of turning it on two hours in advance of bedtime, I note that the bed is warm enough with a five-minute pre-heat. But – it has been true with us that the blanket will not stay on the bed. Every morning it’s on the floor on my side of the bed. If I get up in the night, I try to re-arrange it, but it’s really a losing battle.

Last night at dusk -- Can you see the mule deer?
Mike says it falls on my side because I have this weird habit of clutching the blankets under my neck. He says that I’m pulling the blanket off. But I note that the sheet stays pretty well in place. The blanket is so slick that it simply slips off. And since Mike sleeps in the middle of the bed – well, need I say more? As he migrates to my warmth, the blanket comes with him. KW


Chris said...

We gave up on electric blankets long ago and rely on snuggling. Dan's the brave one because I'm the one with the cold feet.

Kathy said...

Oh, we snuggle, but it's not enough to warm Mike's feet. We have to warm the bed or he can't get comfortable. Sometimes he gets up to warm his feet in water. He has a boot warmer and a hair dryer to warm his shoes / boots / slippers / gloves. We should probably travel to warmer climate in winter, but we have two dogs.

Kathy said...

Oh -- and it occurs to me to add that we keep the bedroom closed off and cold. And Mike cracks the window when we go to bed.