Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 Poor Emmy has had to wait for me to fulfill her special order – a t-shirt and skirt for Rosabell, her Build-a-Bear. I gave myself a deadline: TODAY.

Fact is, I struggled a bit to find patterns for teddy bear clothes so that they would be “just right.” And I did need help with the t-shirt (I made three “tossers” before I got it “just right”), but I was over-thinking the process of making a simple skirt.

I used a pattern for an 18-inch doll for the first skirt, which turned out a bit short, I thought. Also, I used navy blue fabric, and the effect was a bit too sedate for this mischief-loving bear. “Oh well,” I said to myself. “It is what it is for now.” But I went to bed last night thinking about it and awoke this morning with the simple solution. I found a remnant that I deemed “perfect,” and as soon as Mike and Bess left for their hunting excursion, I converted the kitchen to a cutting area and went to it.

I suppose it took me half an hour to make that 10-minute skirt, but when I was finished, another remnant spoke to me, and I made yet another. I could do it all day, but I have a meeting this afternoon.

I am full of ideas for this bear. Or, maybe I’ll even get another special order. KW

[Kathy’s 10-minute Build-a-Bear skirt: Cut a strip of fabric approximately 7 ½ by 24 inches. (Or use a fat quarter and make the width about 22 inches. The bear won’t care if her skirt isn’t quite so full.) Make a casing for elastic on one long edge. Hem the other long edge. Cut a piece of elastic 12 inches long and insert in casing. Stitch the back seam.]


Hallie said...

Very cute! I like the red one best.

I love how a good night's sleep plants new ideas. I've been working on an Excel project and each morning I have a new epiphany and by gosh, I think I've conquered the problem! If only we could ACTUALLY get things done in our sleep. Let me tell you, my house would be spectacular!

Kathy said...

Yes, we could get so much done if we just didn't sleep, but we must have sleep and rest. But thinking is good, and we can do that anywhere.

Chris said...

Cute skirts and so fun to make!! I'm still plugging away on my quilt. I need to schedule better. Sigh.

Kathy said...

I need to get to a lot of things, but somehow today I couldn't remember what they were . . .

Janey said...

Do you have a pattern for the shirt? This outfit is super cute!

Kathy said...

Hi Janey!
Yes, I had a pattern for the shirt, and with the passage of time I don't quite remember it. I think it was from a 1980's Cabbage Patch pattern "magazine." I struggled with the bias binding on the neck.

My granddaughter has always dressed her Build-a-Bear in American Girl clothes, but to my adult taste, they're a bit snug on the bear. Nevertheless, cutting an AG shirt a little wider should work well.

If I find that pattern, I'll post again. Thank you for the contact.