Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hallie writes: “The neighbor and Nick took down the cherry tree today. Sad to take out a mature tree, but it was over-grown, messy, and encroaching on the property line. The neighbor had to build his fence around it, so I know he's glad to have it out.”

It seems ironic to me that on Presidents’ Day, Nick and Hallie chopped down their cherry tree. At least they’re honest about it.

Hallie says it appears that a lot of smaller projects with the little Tudor will come together at once. It only seems slow right now. They are working hard.

But – it was good to hear that they took time this past weekend to get out for some antiquing. From Hallie:
“This weekend we had planned to install attic stairs, but our plans were derailed by the discovery that the local hardware stores do not carry the size we desired. So, we've ordered it and it will be here by Tuesday. Instead, we enjoyed our Valentine's Day in LaConner, WA with a stop in Mt. Vernon for lunch and antiquing. We enjoy antiquing, but have never purchased anything. We are having the house rewired in the next month and are on a quest for several different lights (bedroom, dining room, living room). We did not succeed.

"Sunday we decided to have an easy morning and grabbed a bite to eat at a favorite bakery nearby. We then continued our quest from Saturday with a trip to Sodo (south of downtown), where there are several building salvage places and a giant antique mall. Although we didn't find lights, we finally broke the ice with our first purchase. We found this framed credo nearly a year ago and didn't buy it. Then we thought it was gone, months passed, and today we found it again for 20% off. The beauty of being slow movers like we are is that by the time we get around to being okay with a purchase it's often on clearance or about to be discontinued.

We look forward to hanging this in our soon to be finished guest bedroom.”

Credo Sancti Benedicti
"If any pilgrim monk come from distant parts, if with wish as a guest to dwell in the monastery, and will be content with the customs which he finds in the place and do not perchance by his lavishness disturb the monastery, but is simply content with what he finds, he shall be received, for as long a time as he desires. If, indeed, he finds fault with anything, or expose it, reasonably and with the humility of charity, the Abbot shall discuss it prudently, lest perchance God had sent him for this very thing. But, if he have been found gossipy and contumacious in the time of his sojourn as guest, not only ought he not be joined to the body of the monastery, but also it shall be said to him, honestly, that he must depart. If he does not go, let two stout monks, in the name of God, explain the matter to him."

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Chris said...

Love the last line of the credo! Looking forward to seeing more of the projects as they come together. We're trying to get started on more projects and inspiration is good!