Friday, March 27, 2015


Is Ina home?

Mike and I spent the afternoon at the homestead yesterday (Thursday, March 26). It was a lovely day – 65 degrees with interesting cloud formations.

Mike had a list of tasks to accomplish. He installed new innards in the “toilet” tank. Then he moved outside to dig out a channel for the run-off in the ditch parallel to the lane. The next job took the longest -- spraying an herbicide on the lane. (He wishes it were more effective.)

While he worked, I walked the dogs. I felt a little guilty about taking off with the dogs and the camera for an enjoyable walk to the mailbox, but I reasoned that it was best all-round if the dogs were exercised and away from the spray.

As we walked, I took a lot of pictures – a lot! You’d think I didn’t already have hundreds of pictures taken along that road, but I see pictures everywhere and make them as unique as I can. “Oh look!” I say to myself, “that fence is falling over now. That’s a good shot with snow on the mountains in the background.” Snap! “Here’s a great picture of the old Dickson/Senter place framed by a pine branch.” On and on . . .

Meanwhile, Bess and Nellie were in dog heaven. Bess’ graceful bounce took her here, there, and everywhere. That girl has stamina! Nellie is slow now but enjoyed poking along, exploring as she went. She doesn’t tolerate heat well, but I was still surprised when she plopped right down in her favorite “water hole” in the ditch near a culvert.

We didn’t have a lot of snow this year, but right now there’s plenty of water both standing and running, actually more than we saw last week.

Hallie planted these daffodils
The daffodils are in the process of opening, and the trees and shrubs are budding or leafing out. It’s early yet but warm days will bring on more growth.

Arriving back in the farm yard, Mike asked me to keep the dogs away from his spraying. This proved not to be a challenge. They headed for the pond to play “catch a frog.” Having some time to myself, I made good progress in putting away the Christmas ornaments.

Bess in grove above north field
Later, the dogs and I gathered on the kitchen porch. Bess spied Mike working in the lane near the apple trees. She didn’t recognize him at that distance and began to bark and bark. Then she ran into the field and barked and barked. She returned to the porch, and seeing that her barks had had no impact on the interloper, she headed again into the field. This time she gathered the courage to go closer. Suddenly she stopped barking and slowly began to wag her tail. “Silly me,” she seemed to say. “I remember now. That’s Mike!”

On the way to the town house, we stopped at the “Smoke Shack” to buy barbecue for supper. Someone had recommended the baked potato meal so we tried it. Next time I’ll bake the potato and we’ll just buy the meat. KW


Hallie said...

The Bess story made me "L-O-L" as they say in the Internet world. Silly dog! I bet you had to bathe Nellie after her dip in the mud puddle. ICK!

Kathy said...

The mud disappeared when Nellie played in the pond, but the odor lingers on unless they are bathed. Both dogs received a fresh water spray-down when we got back to town.

Mike says that German Shorthair are supposed to be good watchdogs, but Bess is the first we've ever had that seems to notice and care. In fact, she barked at something in the night and Mike got up to silence her. She doesn't bark unless disturbed -- and that's good.

Chris said...

Spring seems to come and go, come and go up here. I did spy some daffodils across the lane this morning! I do love daffodils! Glad you are getting the farmhouse up and running for another year.

M/W said...

That's the way spring is in Idaho, Chris. And the higher the elevation the more it's that way.

Kathy said...

Of course, you know that, Chris, having lived here for lo! these many years. Mike's planning a trip and a little frustrated about it. It was 33 this morning.