Sunday, March 22, 2015


I had signed up on Pinterest but really didn’t see how to use it until I began searching the internet for patterns and other items to support my new-found interest in all things “teddy bear.” Then my Pinterest board, “Teddy Bear Clothes,” was a godsend. As I search, I “pin” pictures of patterns and ideas I liked to my board. Each picture automatically links back to the site of origin. I also pin pictures of outfits I’ve finished or other items relating to this interesting journey.

The great thing about the internet is that it puts one in touch with people of similar interests all over the world. Of course, I knew that but didn’t realize how far-reaching it could be until I wanted to make clothes for granddaughter Emmy’s special friend, Rosabell the Build-a-Bear.

In the process of hunting for patterns and ideas in order to sew and crochet for Rosabell, I came across other things, like this beautiful pattern for a crocheted “teddy bear” baby blanket from Dada’s Place. I decided that Rosabell had to have this blanket and bought the pattern.

I have a great appreciation for the blending of colors and techniques used by this designer, who evidently lives in Serbia, but basically, my blanket is for a six-year-old and I stylized it to fit our situation. I used an inexpensive yarn found locally, and instead of making a white bear face, I opted for a golden brown so that the bear would look like a teddy bear. Instead of using black beads for the eyes, I searched the web until I found affordable brown buttons on I’ll embroider the nose and a smile on each bear face.

I’m determined that this project shall not become an unfinished object in the sewing room closet. I work on it every day, even if it’s just a round or two. Progress is slow, but it’s coming along. All the bear squares (40) are finished and now I’m working on the circle squares. KW


Chris said...

Oh so cute! And I applaud your plan to do some every day. Looking forward to seeing the completed blanket {and I'm sure Rosabell is, too. :-)} The internet can be so helpful!

Kathy said...

Boy! Until I began to research patterns for dolls and teddy bears, I didn't realize the great "universal" interest. And the internet makes it so easy to share / buy.

As you know, there's something to be said for not losing one's momentum. I can remember the pattern from one day to the next. Let it go for a few days and I have to review. When a project goes into storage, that process becomes the buffalo.