Thursday, March 19, 2015


Over the north field toward Teakean Butte

Temperatures are warmer. Daffodils, forsythia, and various flowering trees are in bloom. It looks like spring. It smells like spring. It feels like spring. So, it must be spring. However, when I got up this morning it was 34.

Hi Hallie . . .
Yesterday forenoon, we loaded the pick-up with eight freshly-dug raspberry canes, a light lunch, Bess and Nellie, and headed for the farm at Gilbert. We were a bit apprehensive about the task ahead of us – to de-winterize the farmhouse. We just never know . . .

Mike had the steps lined out in his mind, and I was his assistant. We pressurized the holding tank, turned on the hot water tank, and turned on the power to the pump at the pole – or something like that. We checked out all the faucets and commodes. One of the commodes needs new innards, but we knew that. Otherwise all was well, and we’re relieved. Our last task was to turn on the refrigerator. No problems.

Daffodils in the grove
Tuesday morning as it rained, Mike and Ken dug raspberry canes from Ken’s patch. (Mike failed to tell Ken that rain would not cancel this scheduled event.) I transplanted the canes to my patch while Mike checked out the 4-wheeler. And yes, I fertilized the patch.

The strawberry plants are getting old and don't appear to have wintered well. I plan to start a new bed this year.

Daffodils and Crown Imperials
The blooms at the farm are probably two weeks behind the valley. The daffodils in sunny areas are blooming while those in shady spots are just beginning to open. None of the fruit or flowering trees and shrubs are blooming yet.
Daffodils in Clarkston rock garden

We were back in town about 4:30. Here's a picture I took of our daffodils in bloom. KW


Hallie said...

Awe! Good to see my doggies. :) They DO look well. Things are in bloom here, too. Daffodils, cherry blossom trees, and other things I can't identify.

On a separate note, I maintain that the term "commode" is antiquated and really not accurate for today's modern toilet.

Kathy said...

Your dad prefers commode to toilet, as if commode is more genteel. Can we make it more genteel? But hey! I'm happy to call it a toilet.

The dogs were very good to sit still while I took six pictures. I thought the one I posted was best.

Chris said...

Spring is here! (No blossoms up here, but still, it feels like spring!) Love it.

And up here in hoity-toity land, we call it the toidy. :-)

Hallie said...

Ha! Toidy. :)

Kathy said...

The term "commode" is also a colloquial synonym used for a flush toilet in some areas of the United States. -- Wikipedia

Whadya wanna bet that area is in the South?

I always thought it just wasn't genteel to call it a toilet. I now stand corrected. And in a way, I feel exonerated.