Friday, April 3, 2015


“We haven’t posted the blog in a while,” Mike called. Sometimes the muse just disappears for a while. Even Ina has been absent.

The winter passed quickly. I always think I’ll accomplish so much in the cozy warmth of the little house during the winter months – you know, finish quilts, read manuals, watch tutorials, play my organ, develop new skills, etc., etc., ad infinitum. Virtually none of that happened. Instead, I was called to serve in other ways, as we say, and it’s good to respond positively.

This week we did make progress in one wonderful way – we went to Sears and bought new appliances – refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer. We had an excellent salesperson who evidently pegged our interests and needs right off. Or, perhaps we’re just not different from other people. We wanted the mid-range in the line of offerings.

We bought our present refrigerator in March 1997 – 18 years ago. At the time, only one model on the floor offered the desired options in our price range. The problem was its size -- small. One son immediately dubbed it “the tiny little refrigerator.” Mike thought it would be okay because within a few short years we would be empty-nesters. Well, it took the nest a while to fully empty, but I discovered that with just the two of us, the need for cold storage did not decrease. Also, it’s a side-by-side, and the narrowness of the compartments has always been a challenge. I am so excited for the new refrigerator!

And the dishwasher . . . When we bought the modular home, I agreed to accept the dishwasher that would come with the house. We thought that would be best, but for these last ten years I’ve been stuck with a bottom-of-the-line GE. The racks are poorly configured, it has few options, -- and it has a tendency to collect gunk and smell bad. (There, I said it.) I’m so excited for the new dishwasher!

My “old” washer and dryer are less troublesome to me. It’s the farm that needs a replacement washer, so we’ll take the present washing machine from town to the farm, get rid of the dryer, and install the new washer and dryer in the modular home. We’re talking about stacking them – or placing them side-by-side on a platform. There are advantages either way. Thoughts?

Mike is getting ready to make a 10-day moto-caching trip to Arizona. When he returns, we’ll make a quick trip to Boise to attend a ceremony in which grandson Mason will receive a reward. That brings us to April 24 when the new appliances will be delivered.

In other late-breaking news, the little dresser / commode that sat in my room at the farm when I was a child was returned to me this week. A family member decided she no longer wanted it, and I was thoroughly delighted to have it back. I’ll probably repaint it and then rearrange furniture in “Hallie’s room” to accommodate it.

P.S. It is a commode – not a toilet. KW


Chris said...

As one whose muse frequently takes leave, I thoroughly understand. And sometimes we just get on with life and there's nothing to really write about. Whatever, it's okay.

Oooo, new appliances! What fun! Looking forward to hearing about them in a few weeks. Well done, Warnocks!

Hallie said...

exciting! My last washer and dryer were stacked, but not front loaders. I like the idea for the sake of space saving but can't speak to the cons. I read that it's good to keep your front load washer door open when not in use to prevent mildew/smells, so we do that. Just passing along the tip.

Kathy said...

Actually, Chris, it's been a long time coming. I know you'll understand when I say I just couldn't make up my mind about anything. The other day I happened to see a Sears ad on tv and decided to visit the small store here. It worked well for us and I hope the appliances are trouble-free.

Yes, it IS a good idea to keep the washer door open, but I didn't figure that out until last year. I still haven't made up my mind about stacking. We'd have to remove or reset a shelf but we could install another cabinet. Hmmmm. . .

Chris said...

Oh yes, I perfectly understand about making a decision. So many options and a price that guarantees you'll not be buying another soon. I commend you for making not one, but four decisions!