Monday, April 13, 2015


We took a short morning walk and then settled down for quiet time. The dogs took naps and I read. Mid-morning, I disposed of our recycling on my way to Jo-Ann’s for black pearl cotton. My main project of the day, however, was to finish a chapter for our study session tomorrow.

The dogs began to suggest a walk about 1:30. That’s a little too early to qualify for the pre-supper walk, but I took them anyway. It seemed tedious – one of those days when Nellie lagged to pursue her own interests while Bess was way ahead of me. Eventually Nellie found her way into a fenced area, and I had to climb the gate to get her. She exited under the fence, but I still had to climb the gate to get back out. Seeing that I was still inside, she crawled back under the fence. So, once I was outside, there she was inside again! I could tell by the set of her ears that she was confused. Somehow we set it right. Then I struggled to get Bess away from the quail cover. It was 2:30 when we got home.
Friends picked me up for dinner at 6:00. I figured the dogs would be fine in the house, and they were. Arriving home at 8:00, I invited my friends inside to visit for a while. Bess was active and enjoying attention while Nellie seemed more reserved. Eventually she asked to go out, so I complied and watched as she went to the kennel. Guests left about 8:30 and then I talked to Mike for 15 minutes or so. When I took Bess to the kennel at 9:00, Nellie wasn’t there.

I was on the verge of panic. My elderly, hearing-impaired sweetheart of dog was out wandering the night, and I had no idea where to turn. I called Mike, just because I thought he ought to know. He suggested I blow the whistle as hard as I could and maybe she would hear it. I did that – again and again. I also got in the car and drove around the neighborhood, but I didn’t see her. I finally closed the door on my imagination and settled down to quietly wait, going out occasionally to blow the whistle again. The last time I blew as hard as I could, and within five minutes – about 10:00 -- she ambled up. I was so grateful. I put the dogs to bed, got ready for bed myself, and then watched tv for a while.

The events of this day call for a staycation reward. The reward differs from the gift in that it is more expensive and over-the-top frivolous. KW


Chris said...

Yes, you do indeed deserve a REWARD!! Oh my goodness, yes! I look forward to hearing what it is. Send big pats on the back to you. (And so thankful Nellie showed up. Buddy once was gone for nine days--we think he managed to get himself shut up in a neighbors shop, and I was beside myself with horrible visions.)

Hallie said...

What a harrowing day! I checked the blog several times today but my mind just kept seeing yesterday's blog. From my phone, all I see is the first photo, so at a glance it looked the same. The thing about Nellie is that she isn't mean spirited, but she does like to do her own thing sometimes. I would have been worried sick, too.

Sorry to hear about the fence climbing. You looked just like Lucile Ball as I recreated the scene in my mind.

Kathy said...

I tell about the gift I ordered in the "Day 4" post. It's too bad we tend to think the worst, but nine days IS a long time for your pet to be missing.

I see your dilemma, Hallie. The pictures were similar. I actually managed climbing the gate fairly well, I thought, but the whole fence incident probably would have been comical to anyone watching.