Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For the morning walk, we headed to a nearby grassy gully. The dogs enjoyed exploring from the lower end to the upper, where we climbed to the street by means of a well-used trail.

Then while the dogs napped, I settled down to order my staycation reward for last night’s emotional upheaval when Nellie went missing. The reward is a modern Ginny doll, the “dress me” model. Of course, I still have my childhood Ginny dolls, but they’ve turned a weird dark putty color. While I wouldn’t trade them for any new doll, I just decided that a fresh one would round out my collection. Besides, rumor has it that the Vogue company is about to fold – if it hasn’t already – and when those dolls currently on the market are sold, there won’t be more. Well, things come and go.

I also have two Ginny dolls out of the ‘80s which are technically Hallie’s. So, the doll I ordered will be an addition to my “play” collection. As rewards go, the doll was fairly affordable – only $45. (I think I could justify another reward, don’t you?)

Today’s staycation gift was Hooked on Hankies (2005) by Laurene Sinema and Janet Curreth. It provides more great ideas for repurposing hankies. I don’t have a huge collection of hankies, but in some cases, machine embroidery could be substituted for a hanky.

The afternoon turned rather warm, and about 1:30 the dogs began to subtly suggest the walk. I put them off until 3:00. They expect to be fed – or at least have fresh food in their bowls – when we get back, so a walk closer to suppertime really works best. The walk was uneventful, to my relief. I just never know what to expect. I can hardly wait to get back to Gilbert where we all have more freedom.

Today I moved my sewing machine to the living room and got out the Halloween quilt. I discovered that I hadn’t finished the hand embroidery on the center panel, so I set to work on that. I’m disappointed now that it isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, so I’ve lost some inspiration and momentum. But, I think once I finish it, I’ll be okay with it. I’m pretty much self-taught and feeling my way along.
This evening, I began to embroider teddy bear faces on the afghan squares. They won’t be all the same. That’s just the way it is. I finished the eight orange squares – 32 more to go.

Lastly, Mike called to report on his day. After arriving at his motel, he went out to find some local caches and got caught in a terrific rain storm without his gear, which he had left at the motel. No real harm done. KW


Chris said...

A new doll? Yes! Do you have patterns? I used to make Barbie clothes for Ann, but I'm not sure I can sew that small anymore!

And embroidering on the yarn can't be easy--the faces are cute and the afghan will be adorable.

Kathy said...

Yes, I do have patterns -- old ones and also reprints. Patterns are also readily available online, as you would know. I'm not sure I can sew anything small either. But -- there are also knit and crochet patterns, and that has its appeal.

I'm fine-tuning the embroidery work, so the faces are becoming more uniform now. Hmmmm -- that's good and bad.

Hallie said...

I don't think the faces need to be the same. Let them have personality! :)