Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It was a cold and windy day without much rain. We cut the morning walk short, all three of us dashing back to the warmth (?) of the little house.

No staycation gift delivery today. I had to content myself with gifts already received. And I ordered a pair of shoes for Annabell, my Build-a-Bear teddy.
Mid-morning I received a text message from Mike, who had picked up a virtual cache at the O.K. Corral.

During the noon hour, I picked up sister Harriet and headed to Jollymore’s for lunch, each of us taking a half sandwich for tonight’s supper. We were suitably impressed with the surroundings, the food, and the price. Then, we did a little shopping at the Dollar Tree, and I headed for home.

The phone was ringing when I came through the door, and Ken said he would be over to pick up the dogs and take them to Chief Timothy for a hike. Bess hopped into his rig the minute he opened the door, but Nellie wouldn’t get in. She was glad to see Ken but stayed at the back door quivering. No sense to press the point if she didn’t want to go, so I took her for the “local.” Trouble was, the wind was blowing which was most unpleasant. Nellie evidently thought so, too, because she crossed the street, climbed into some arborvitae -- and disappeared! I waited several minutes for her return and then went in searched of her, trespassing behind the house there to see if I could find her. No, I didn’t find her, but I saw that she could follow the fence behind the county shop and proceed that way to our usual area. So, hurrying against the wind, I walked further up the street and finally spied her behind the sub-station. “Where have you been?” she asked nonchalantly. I’d already had a enough and sensed that perhaps she had, too. We walked home, I thinking of what my reward should be.

When Ken arrived with Bess, he explained that it was muddy at Chief Timothy so he also took the dogs for a swim. It wasn’t long before I noticed that Bess was itchy, dirty, and smelled like pond water. She had to be bathed -- no simple feat. Reward points continue to mount!

Fortunately everything settled down for a pleasant evening. I embroidered twelve more teddy bear faces while Bess and Nellie napped. Mike called about 8:00 and said he had enjoyed sitting outside in the warmth of the evening. I told him if he enjoyed that, then he was in the right place. KW


Chris said...

You definitely earned triple reward points this day!! (Right about now I'm very thankful for just one kitty!)

Hallie said...

I wonder when Dad will realize that it's cheaper to board the dogs while he's away. ;P

Kathy said...

You're kidding me, Hallie, but I just have to say that I take good care of the dogs. I keep them in routine and above all, I exercise them. That's more than they get in one of those "places."

Hallie said...

AND you love them and your heart would hurt without them. :)

Kathy said...

Yes, my heart would hurt without them. But being practical, I'd still have to go to the facility and exercise them myself, so I just as well keep them with me.