Friday, April 17, 2015


It was cold again this morning – 34 by my unofficial but pretty accurate thermometer. When I went out to get the dogs, Nellie stumbled from her house and wobbled out of the kennel. Her soft little whimpers broke my heart. Perhaps I erred in not turning on the light in her house last night. Or maybe the running she did yesterday was too much for her. (She lagged behind me and then ran to catch up.) At any rate she was stove up and hurting.

Due to Nellie’s condition, I decided a simple walk in the field behind the house would be enough, but as she moved around, she felt better. We walked slowly out to the street and up the hill. Then we retraced our steps to the house. Nellie slept most of the day. In fact, both dogs discovered that it can be darned pleasant to sleep in the sun beside the slider. They didn’t even mention the afternoon walk until they heard the school bus go by at 2:45. By that time Nellie was feeling much better and we took our usual afternoon walk.

Some storage units near the county shop have been converted to a garage for automotive work, and today Nellie took the opportunity to do one of her favorite things -- slip behind there and roll in the greasy dirt. Then she had to have a bath. She enjoyed that very much. Really! She enjoyed the bath and being toweled off. She didn’t eat much today, though – was definitely not quite herself. Fortunately, she can afford to miss a few meals.

No staycation gift in the mail today. I had to content myself again with reading the materials already received. Anyway, I was busy. I started quilting the Halloween quilt by machine, and as near as I could see, nothing bad happened with that. I might even embellish more of the center panel by hand.

During the supper hour, Ken came by to get Bess for a run at the local gulch with Pepper. Bess and Pepper mix it up pretty good, and Nellie likes to stay out of that. I prepared a tuna pasta salad for my supper, and Nellie enjoyed helping with the dishes without having to compete with Bess. KW


Chris said...

How goes the quilting now? Have you been able to do more in the days that followed this?

Poor Nellie! I'm not a fan of too hot or too cold either.

Kathy said...

I have done some "stitch-in-the-ditch" with ho-hum results. I once heard someone call it "unstitch in the ditch," but I don't intend to unstitch. I remembered yesterday that I have that attachment for my even feed foot - and I know where it is. I haven't worked with it much, but I watched a tutorial yesterday.