Thursday, April 30, 2015


Mild-mannered Kathy and Mike are now known as the “customers from hell” at Sears, owing to our not having our ducks in a row, as they say. I’m not kidding -- I don't think Sears wants us to darken their door again.

Deliveries come to the back door
Mike and I made several errors in our recent appliance order at Sears. While it was our fault, a reminder or two from the sales person would have kept evil from happening. Don’t tell me we’re the only discombobulated shoppers in the world, but in the end Sears was none too subtle in telling us the error of our ways.
“The delivery manager bawled me out for ordering the wrong size refrigerator for you folks,” said the sales person. “He said I should have made sure you were ordering the right one, but I told him I expect the customer to know what they want.”

So now I feel bad, but I agree with the delivery manager that if the sales person had asked one or two simple questions, she would have saved all of us some grief. After all, she’s the professional, isn’t she?  And even though the delivery manager was critical of her, he was none to forgiving of us either. (Since when did delivery personnel become powerful?)

Of course, I’ve learned my lesson -- should I ever, ever, ever buy appliances again. But still, I wonder if Sears really needed to let me know how bad I’ve been.

Waiting in line at Jo-Ann’s this morning, I heard a departing customer say to the cashier, “I caused you trouble. Thank you for your help.”

“You were worth every minute,” said the salesperson.

“And that,” I said to myself, “was the right response.” KW


Hallie said...

You'd think Sears of all places would be sensitive to keeping their customers. You just can't find good help these days.

Chris said...

Oh my. I HATE feeling like I'm getting chewed out. Yes, I think a few questions on the part of the sales person would have been appropriate, and she also shouldn't have said anything to you when the frig didn't work out. Thank heavens there are more appliance stores, and even Sears stores, out there. And if they charge $80 to deliver I should think you could rent a trailer for less than that.

Kathy said...

We picked up the dryer with our big ol' Dodge Ram pick-up. The guys who connected it lifted it off for us.

Frankly, I think Sears could be gone at any moment.