Thursday, May 28, 2015


Mike and I left the farm Wednesday morning (May 28), packing out garbage, recyclables, left-over food, electronics and reading material, Nellie and Bess, and a whole lot of other stuff denoted under “etc.”

Mike’s town agenda was to get a “rebuilt” computer tower installed and running. Alas! The hard drive was faulty and he’s in worse shape than ever – or at least it seems that way. (Wisdom by Kathy: When technology takes a step forward, it isn’t wise to try to stick with the old, however much you think you like it.) Meanwhile, he’s also dickering over a rebuilt riding lawn mower to replace the previous old mower. That process takes us to Lapwai.

Long story short – We had to go back to the farm this morning to get Mike’s previous computer tower. And we each made a list of other items we either forgot or would like to bring back – like the teddy bear afghan I’m making, a Hallmark catalog, the cookies we left in the cookie jar, one of Mike’s supplements, etc. However, I forgot to take the camera and my iPod with me on this short trip, even though I had them laid out, and the jar of milk I did manage to take I left in the fridge on the farm.

My mother used to say, “I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached.” I would try to calm her frustration, but darned if she wasn’t right!!!

When we woke up this morning, it seemed like a warm day, but it was chilly at the farm – in the mid-50s – and breezy. It rained but not much. We’re looking at a warm weekend coming up (90), so hopefully our new plantings will survive. Before we left, we re-caged the new apple tree.

Anyway, Mike picked up his computer, and we loaded two old lawnmowers on the trailer and hauled them to Lapwai in partial trade for the one we’re buying. And the guy actually seemed glad to get them!

We were back in town for a late lunch, and then Mike began the work of reconstructing three weeks of bookkeeping. It’s too bad he had to do it, I guess, but he seemed to come through it all right. KW


Chris said...

I agree with you regarding technology; best to just move along no matter how comfortable we were with the old and how long it takes to get acquainted with the new. This way, hopefully, we can cling to the learning curve and not fall so far behind that we can never catch up.

Lately I have to write everything down or I forget. I'm so linear, if there are two things in a day, one will escape me if there's no reminder. Recently I totally forgot I told someone I'd come help her with her sewing machine and didn't remember until days later!

Meanwhile, I finally convinced Dan to buy a NEW lawn mower, a much bigger and more comfortable one. I LOVES it and can't believe how much faster he can mow our lawn because the deck is almost a foot wider.

Kathy said...

Well -- Mike says to tell you that we just got a 46" Yard Machine (new in 1980-something). He wants to know what kind you got. I have begged Mike repeatedly to get a NEW mower, but he always has excuses for not wanting one. Today, as he pondered over which old machine to buy, he asked me what I thought, and I laughed. He knows what I think about those old machines.

If I'm on my way to write an item on the grocery list and another item pops into mind, I can't remember the first item. Lists are helpful, but it comes to the point that if you don't get an item packed, it gets left behind. Distraction is my enemy.

Hallie said...

Those lists are so helpful until you forget to take them with you!

Hallie said...

P.S. What a beautiful picture of the wood shed.

Kathy said...

I take special care to remember where I parked the car. You always hear that someone came out of the store and couldn't remember where they parked and that's when they realized they had a memory problem. So, as long as I can remember where I parked, I figure I'm okay.

I keep a steno notebook for my "to and from the homestead" lists, and most times I remember to pack it. It does seem to help to have a dedicated "booklet" instead of scraps of paper. I keep other notes in it as well.

I took advantage of a moment when we weren't parked in front of the woodshed to take that picture. I think the woodshed is picturesque in its dilapidated way.

Chris said...

Dan says our new mower is a John Deere 300 with a 48" deck. And he said again how much he loves it. Score one for me!! :-)

Kathy said...

Okay -- we looked up your machine online. Mike says to tell Dan he paid $200 for ours -- and cleaned all the old lawnmowers out of the barn. (LOL)

Chris said...

Haha! We gave our old one away so we just have one, too. :-) It gave us almost sixteen years of service but its time had come and gone.

Hallie said...

We have a 16" or 18" human powered push mower. It takes up minimal space, doesn't pollute, and a person can work up a sweat while mowing. I don't think I'd like it on a lawn much bigger than ours, though.

Chris said...

We didn't have any type of power mower the first seven years we were married, and then mom and dad got a new mower and we got their old one. The yard on N Street was was not small and we definitely got our exercise there. There's no way we could mow our present yard by hand--it would be all we did! If we had a small yard, we'd be right there with you, Hallie. :-)