Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 From time to time we post an update on Hallie (our daughter) and Nick's progress with the little brick Tudor in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Recently they finished their bedroom. Hallie writes:

First, the nasty, old, broken sliding glass door was removed.

Then, trim was stripped and sanded and cracks in the plaster were dug out, primed, taped, and patched. Old knob and tube wiring was replaced with new. This resulted in additional outlets and a wonderfully handy wall mounted light in the closet. Oh, and a smoke detector for our safety.

The ceiling was skim coated and the walls textured with a brush and knocked down with a trowel. Later, Nick also wiped the texture with a sponge to soften sharp edges to better match the texture in the living room and dining room.

Then, she was primed from baseboard to ceiling. "Oooh....Ahhh!"


The finish: everything painted, brass switch and outlet plates installed, and drapery rod mounted. HWJ


Chuck said...

It looks lovely. I wondered about the light windows in one photo and dark windows in the next. A tinting process, perhaps? Which bedroom is this? Not the master, I presume. Great work, you two.

Kathy said...

Hallie will come by to explain sooner or later, but I think the windows are about day and night photos. And this house comes from the era when there wasn't a master bedroom per se. There are two bedrooms on the main floor with the bathroom off the connecting hallway. Remember when we used to live that way?

Hallie said...

Mom's right--just the difference of night and day photos. We have used both bedrooms now, as we've moved out of one to work in the other. I suspect that this will be the one we stay in since it's in the back of the house and a little quieter. We're not on a busy street, but the next street over is busy and the noise carries. Still, a brick house with plaster walls keeps the noise out fairly well. One of the next updates will likely be our new front door (in progress). I can't wait!

Chris said...

Oooo! More little Tudor info! The bedroom looks wonderful! So much work for you two, but you are bringing this house back to life. I can hear its contented sighs. :-)