Sunday, May 10, 2015


 As we drove into the farm Friday morning, we came upon what we thought were three young wild turkeys in the middle of the road where the lane begins. However, Mike soon determined that they were not turkeys but turkey buzzards, and the attraction was a nearby deer carcass.

Our fields have already been plowed and planted, but we could see Farmer Kyle working on the adjoining property. It’s dry, dry, dry here, and with the wind on Saturday, we saw a lot of dust.

We’ve kept ourselves fairly busy. Friday Mike mowed first thing while I cleaned the pantry, taking advantage of low supplies to reorganize. Saturday I climbed the ladder to the attic about six times in order to put away the Christmas decorations.
Just I and my friend

Mike toured the farm on the 4-wheeler Saturday morning with Bess as his happy companion. Nellie’s days of distance running are over, so she and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the pond and down the lane. I took pictures of the apple trees in bloom while Nellie poked along, exploring here and there.

Saturday afternoon we walked to the neighbor’s pond. Nellie and Bess took a dip.

This morning we went over the cemetery and looked around for a while. 

And for our afternoon walk, Mike invited me on a hike around the west field (behind the house). Nellie went on point behind the grove. Checking it out, Mike discovered a rattlesnake and quickly made sure Nellie moved off -- no simple feat. Then I moved in for this picture. You can see the snake is coiled but it didn’t rattle and made no effort to strike or move. I figure it was cold. KW


Hallie said...

A good day! In your honor, I pruned a camellia tree in our back yard and went shopping. Both activities were successful. Happy Mother's Day!

Chuck said...

Beautiful pictures. What neighbor's pond did the dogs dip in? Yes, the snake must have been cold. Love the flowers.

Kathy said...

The narcissus are in bloom, some iris, and the lilacs are passing. I fear I won't have fresh flowers for Memorial Day. Oh well. The Dollar Tree to the rescue.

The dogs dip in Pete's Pond. I'm composing a post about that pond.