Monday, June 22, 2015


Hi Hallie!
Dog food sacks, opened flat, provide needed shade for plants. This seems to be working well.

And this product is a help, too. It's called a "Plant Nanny," and I purchased it through Amazon. The clay spike accommodates a recycled bottle of up to 2 liters and allows water to slowly seep into the ground. I was sufficiently pleased with my initial experiment to order another set. KW


Chris said...

The Plant Nannys look interesting. Might have to think about them for our big pots if we go on vacation this year. Thanks for the info.

Gadget Girl :-)

Hallie said...

You must have been saving dog food bags for quite some time for this purpose.

Hi Nellie!

Kathy said...

Hi Chris! The "Plant Nanny" -- I figure if the plant nanny works at all, it has to be of some help. I'd say it took about five days for a one-liter bottle to drain, and while the top of the soil was dry, underneath it was damp and the plants looked good. Of course, the temperature has been a little cooler, but we're heading into a hot week. Though I water daily, I plan to position the nannies as well. We'll see how my plants manage under this system. The 2-liter bottle wanted to fall over, but Mike said it's surely just a matter of balancing it correctly. I just didn't want it to fall on a plant -- and I have plenty of smaller bottles.

So, I guess I'm really a "gadget girl," too!

Hi Hallie! Mike finds the empty bags useful for storing wood shavings and various other uses, so he keeps a few. We did have too many on hand, though, so he was pleased to let me experiment with them. And trust me -- there's always another big dog food bag a-comin'.

Chris said...

I've seen people stitch those bags into simple tote bags (after washing them, of course.)

Mike said...

I thought the dog food bags added some nice color to the garden plots - especially from a distance.